17 July 2008

25th December 2007 --- Christmas Day

Well hello there everybody, its been a while since I wrote a Kosmo Tale.

A lot has happened during this last couple of weeks, Mum and Dad's Friend Ron has arrived form New Zealand, he hasn't changed much, just a little greyer hair, and needs a hair-cut ( I am sure my friend "Grace" the dogwash lady could give him a clip LOL LOL LOL).

The weather has been a mixed bag, one day fine and hot the next day Cold, Windy and rainy the next. I have had a few swims, when my mum gets in the pool, I have even managed to jump off the side, straight in.

Mum and Dad have been taking me to the park in the car, its so much fun, we go in the car, then jump out for a run around, I like chasing the pigeons. I also want to play with the kids if there are any at the park, but I am not allowed just in case I am a bit rough for them ( I don't mean to be).

Mum and Dad brought me some reindeer ears to wear for my christmas photos, but when mum took my photos i was being cheeky and poked my tongue out.

Well its Christmas Day and I like Christmas because I get to have the Pork Bone and a little of the fat from the ham, YUMMY, YUMMY!!!!. Mum and Dad got lots of presents and cards, thats because their special.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone, I will speak with you all next month or should I say Year as it will be 2008 when I write my next tale, as there are only 6 days to go for 2007 and what a year its been.

Its back to work for mum and dad next week

Lots of Love

KOSMO xoxoxoxo

P.S: My Mum got a new bloody camera for Christmas, looks like I need to go hide again, otherwise I will get "Kosmo sit, Kosmo do this, Kosmo do that!!!!!!!!!!!

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