17 July 2008

10th May 2007

Well Hello there everyone, its been a while since my last Kosmo Tale, not much has happened in the last month...My mum has left her job to spend more time with Dad & I ( that is so cool), we have been going for a walk everyday, in the afternoon its not as cold at that time of the day.

The other day we went for our walk down in the industrial area, and we seen this ugly looking dog (I think it was a boxer) and all it did was sit at the big fence and bark at me, I think it might have wanted to fight with me, I don’t like to fight with other dogs, just play as I am not a nasty dog…I am a very placid and pleasant dog.

I have been talking to my mum and dad lots lately and they think I am just so beautiful ( which I am)…………….As I said not much to tell you, I am not getting any bigger in height but am getting wider ( must be something to do with my breed).

Till next time “Asta LaVista Baby”
I’ll Be Back


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