01 August 2009

Latest Scrapbooking Layouts

Here are a few of my latest Srapbooking Layouts

Congratulations "JODI"

Hey Jodi,
A big Congratulations on being published in the latest edition of "Scrapbooking Masters" monthly magazine with your off the page Album.
You are a total legend, and we love you..
From: Lisa, Brett, Kosmo & Beaver xoxoxo

"Dusty", My Car

As you know back in January this year hubby brought me a new used car, it is a Ford Capri Convertable, with a turbo, lowered, and a soft top, well the soft top has leaked like a sieve since I have had it, so to go in the rain you had to be careful that it didnt leak on you...

Well recently we brought a proper hardtop for it, so today we put in on and i cleaned her from top to bottom and we also put new springs and struts in her to bring her up off the ground and now she doesn't scrape when going in and out of places, so now she can go anywhere, I will leave you with a new photo of her with her new hardtop on and nicely washed and shammied....I think she looks more classy now what ya reckon?

Kosmo's 3rd Birthday - 29th July 2009

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear KOSMO

Happy Birthday to you

Lots of Love always

Mum, Dad & Beaver


I Got A Promotion At Work!!!!

Hey there
I got a promotion at work and started my new position on Monday 27th July 2009, I am a Classified Display & Pink Pages Sales Advisor... I love my new position...
My new position involves me selling advertising in the Classifieds Section on a Friday called "E-Trader", this is a Local Business & Service Guide.. The Pink Pages are Local Business Directories we do for the Maitland, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens areas of Newcastle, they are a 12 monthly business directory specifically for the residents of those areas, and I will be co-ordinating this for the coming years.
So there it is..I had to keep this a secret for quite a while and managed to do so I am so not a secret keeper, but I did it.. So what do you all think about this.

Weigh-In 2 weeks ago

Well 2 weeks ago we weighed in and both had put on 2kgs each, I don't understand why when we had only been a tad naughty, well this has made me loose focus on my diet, but have been eating good during the week and a little naughty on the weekends, the walking thing has gone out the window for the time been, i like to walk in the outdoors and can't do that of a morning at the moment as its too bloody cold, or of an evening because by the time we get home from work its pitch dark.. And to be quite honest and frank I am not into walking on the electric walker...I dont know what it is but I prefer to go for a walk outside...HELP HELP HELP

That was all 2 weeks ago, and I am not weighing in now for a while, I am going to let my clothes tell me whats happening. My friend JODI asked me a little while ago if I would go on television show with her, JODI that seems like a really really good idea at the moment...Keep this in your mind please...

My clothes are telling me at the moment that i havent put on any weight, and I tried some clothes i have in a pile in my spareroom this morning that I couldnt even get into, well I can honestly say its time to iron them up and start wearing them as they now fit, so I think that tells me something.

I will leave you all with an updated photo of me taken this morning, its really hard trying to take a picture of yourself looking in the mirror, LOL..

Lots of Updates coming

Hey there lots of little updates of things that have been happening over the last couple of weeks, I know I have been a bad and slack blogger, but here we go catching up

26 July 2009

Look what I found!!!!!!

Hey there

I will be back later this week with an update, including my new position at work that I start tomorrow...Its going to be awesome, been very very busy, doing some scrapbooking and just vegging out with Hubby and the kids LOL..Be back soon for a big update..What do you think of this photo, this was taken on 27th June 2006, its amazing what 3 years does I reckon....