28 March 2009

Beaver Vs. The Mouse

Well I don't believe it Beaver the Kitty Cat is a legend.

Last night we were sitting in the loungeroom watching television, when all of a sudden we heard a crash'n'bang, so I have gotten up to investigate, and Beaver had literally moved his water bowl and food bowl off his placemat (mind you this cat is spoilt he has a Whinnie The Pooh Placemat - its something a little kid would want to eat off not a cat) and moved it half way across the kitchen floor, and then he disappeared into my scraproom.
So I went to investigate and what did I find, Beaver with a Mouse in his mouth, and being me I screamed to hubby, "Hurry Beaver has a mouse in his mouth, you have to get rid of it before it gets me LOL LOL", I can't stand anything that crawls....

So we are very proud of Beaver for catching this little mouse, it was probably more scared of us and Beaver than we were of it....So last night Beaver decided he was going to sleep with me, on my side of the bed, and purred and purred and purred all night, knowing he had caught this little mouse, he was very proud of himself too.
Today he has been rubbing himself up against everything and meowing as if too say " I am just good, I caught the mouse".. So I took this picture of him, and as you can see he posed pretty good for the camera, like he is a star.

27 March 2009

Week 9 -- The Diet -- Weigh in Week

Hey there,
Good news for you all, I was weighed for Week 9 on Tuesday this week, and yes I have lost another 1.6kgs which means in total now I have lost 5.3kgs, I need to loose another 1kg and I have lost a stone.

I am still walking everyday when its not so hot, Some afternoons this last week when i have arrived home from work its been really really hot. Today being a Public Holiday in Newcastle today, due to The Newcastle Show being on, I decided to take myself to Big W and buy a pair of stretched bike pants ( you will know what I am talking about) and WOOHOO I got them in a size 20, I can not believe I fit into a size 20 in some things...I also brought myself 2 new lacey bras...

I also went to a Scrap & Coffee Class, which I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was able to finish off Kosmos album that i just blogged about earlier.

Hey Jodi, you are looking amazing and good to see you are keeping up the good work, Thanks for all your support towards my diet, its great that I can just pick up the phone and give you a call, you are awesome.

The photo I am leaving you with this week was taken a few weeks ago by my sister-inlaw, the reason being I wanted a photo of both Brett and I that I could put in a frame and send down to my uncle and aunty in Melbourne, which I am pretty sure they are going to like.

Off The Page Project - Kosmo 2008

Hey there,
What do you think of this Off The Page Project - Kosmo 2008, this album is all about Kosmo, these photos of him used in this project where taken through out 2008. I used lots of Kaisercraft products for this, as well as some Bella products, The papers used in this were given to me for my birthday in 2008. The ribbons are bella dog ribbons tied to the rings of the album they are so cute and some even have little verses on them.
This album is the 3rd one I have done of Kosmo, he will be 3 in July. I am going to continue to do 1 album all about him every year of his life. What do you think??????


I just had to take this photo the other day of Beaver all alone asleep on the lounge. Excuse my toes, but doesn't he look cute when he is sleeping....

22 March 2009

Week 8 -- The Diet

Hey there,
Sorry I am only just updating this now, but I have been very very busy with work this last 2 weeks, it seems there were never enough hours in a day to get my work done, but as usual I managed to get it all done.

I have really struggled a bit this week, I think it was because I have had so much going on, with work and family dramas (which we won't get to on here, I would rather forget about it now and just get on with my life), but I have to admit I still managed to not eat bad bad food, the other night I had a craving for something really bad and sweet, so I went out and brought it and cut the slice piece in half and had half one day and the other the next night. I believe if you are craving something you should just eat it, So its not that bad after all, I have been walking 1 kilometre a day and further on the weekends...

Well I guess I should go and take a shower, as I have just got back from my walk and am all sweaty. Well this next week is weigh-in week on Thursday, so I will be back with Week 9 update for you all. I look forward to your comments, I have managed to get Brett to take an updated photo of me yesterday morning.

P.S: A few ladies a work say they can tell I am loosing weight, they reckon its really noticeable from behind.