30 December 2008

Manning Point -- Sunday 28th December 2008

For those of you that don't know where Manning Point is, its about 26klms east of Taree on the coast.
We went there for the day on Sunday and the nephews paddled their new rowboats they got for Christmas in the river, Kosmo even came along for the day as well, he did some swimming himself..Hubby did some fishing and caught a few fish..
Its a lovely place and we have been going there for many many years, it has been 20 yrs we have been going there on Boxing Day

29 December 2008

"My Darling Nephews -- Jai & Sully"

Hey There

Well since Christmas Day life has been jammed packed with lots of Swimming, going to the Beach, getting sunburnt (yes like a tomato), spending time with family.. This is just a quick update, but believe me there is an even bigger update coming within the next few days..

I have taken lots of photos to scrap....Kosmo enjoyed his very first long day trip to Manning Point near Taree with us yesterday, (more about that later on).

These two photos are of me and my nephews, the first one is me with Jai he is now 13, and the second is me with Sully he is now 14, I can't believed they are all grown up, it seems like only yesterday that they were babies.

25 December 2008

"Mum's Special Present"

Hey our Mum is one special lady, Look at what Dad gave her for Christmas, a lovely sterling silver locket and chain.

During the year Mum and Dad have brought lots of new furniture for their house, and they brought a new television just the other day, so that was a present to each other from each other(if you know what I mean).
Yes its an 50" inch LG Plasma Television..

MUM would just like to say to our Dad that she loves you very very much...

"Santa Has Been To Our House"

Well Beaver and I went to bed early last night, because we knew Santa was coming to see us. You know a couple of years ago now when I was still a little fella, I seen Santa and his Reindeer, they landed on our roof and scared the pants off me, so since then I have been going to bed early on Christmas Eve, and in this photo is what Santa left for us....

Kosmo got a new chew rope and Beaver got some ping pong balls..Well to all Merry Christmas I hope santa was good to you all..

24 December 2008

Mum & Dakota

As in the earlier post about Mum going to see Dakota and Imogen. Mum got Narelle to take an updated picture of her and Dakota. Dad, Beaver and I love this photo its a cute one...

KOSMO's Newest Photo

Don't ya just love this photo of Me, this was taken whilst we were on the way home from our little tikki tour.

Beautiful Scenery

Look at these photos that Mum took today whilst on our little Tikki Tour, how blessed are we to live in this beautiful country called Australia, but also live in a beautiful part of that country. These were taken at beautiful Anna Bay.

The Calendar 2009

This is the beautiful calendar that Imogen made

for Mum and Dad, its absolutely beautiful.

Thank you so much Imogen.

Dakota & Imogen

This morning Mum went to see Dakota & Imogen and given them there presents. Imogen was so excited to see Mum, she was telling her about the letter she got from Santa telling her to be good and to also tell Dakota to be good as well. Dakota was excited as well.

Mum got lots of new photos of them for their Mum, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Dakota, Imogen, Wayne, Narelle, Fallon & Seaton. May Santa bring you all lots of lovely gifts, and lots of love and joy.

Our Little Tikki Tour to Nelson Bay

Well today is the first official day of Mum's holidays, she is off till Wednesday 7th January 2009.

Mum, Dad and I took a little tikki tour to Nelson Bay today after lunch, we visited D'albora Marina (which you can see in the photo), we walked all the way along the breakwall and back again, there were some people fishing... Then on the way home we went to Anna Bay and went for a walk on the beach, and I got to get my paws wet. I was very well behaved.. The weather was great, and very hot..

23 December 2008

"Special Project can now be Revealed"

Hey there,

The surprise that we wanted to show you all in the last post, was something that mum has been working on as a gift to a friend of hers for Christmas. Well we can now show you what it was she has been doing, as Mum gave the gift to her friend yesterday, and guess what she absolutely loved it.. Mum has spend a couple of weeks collecting the bits and pieces to make a Kaiser Album of her friends wedding for her....
Tell us what you think of these pictures...
Mum is becoming very very clever with the off the page projects...

21 December 2008

Off The Page Project

Hey look at what Mum's been up to. She has done an off the page Canvas..

This is a present for our Nana Mary, which is Mum's Mum...We hope she likes it..

Kosmo is very special to Santa

Well guess what happened to Kosmo this morning?

Kosmo and Beaver were sleeping on the lounge when all of a sudden we heard the local fire truck siren, and boy it was really loud, so Mum got up and looked out the door and Beaver and I were right beside her looking out the door as well.
Well to our surprise we seen Santa Claus on the back of a ute following the fire truck up the street. Apparently where we live Santa comes around on a fire truck every year to see all the good boys and girls, I decided to let out a little bark at Santa, cause he looks funny in his big red suit...and also a little scary to some of us animals... Well next thing you know Santa is yelling out STOP, go and give that nice lady being our Mum with the furbabies some lollies.
So Mum opened the door and let me out while Beaver stayed inside, the fireman came up to Mum and I and gave us some lollies, and he gave me a nice big pat...So I jumped off the verandah and followed him to the side of the road, but being road aware I came back to my Mum and inside we went, she gave me 2 of the lollies which were yummy snakes. Mum took a picture of my lollie for you all too see as well as a picture of me as well..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and to all the other furbabies out there like "SOLO", "CIMMI", "TEDDY" and "BEN"and "HARLEY"....and last but not least my best friend in the whole "BEAVER".....

20 December 2008


Well what can I say about this cat, other than he is my friend, and my best friend at that, last night while mum was at her computer table the cat was sitting behind her on the floor, so she swung around and took some updated photos of him... Sometimes I think he thinks he is just the best well let me tell you "Beaver" you are as far as cats are concerned but me "Kosmo" I am the king of Dogs and just remember that.

"Secret Project"

Hi there,
Mum has been working on a little "Secret" project, in which she can't put the photos up here just yet, as we believe the person the project is for may read this blog.. ITS A SURPRISE....Mum will post the pictures on here after Monday when the person receives there present.. LOL LOL LOL

13 December 2008

Mums Baby Brother

Hi, Mum found this picture today and we are posting it, it is of her baby brother "Brendan", he is 32 yrs old now, this photo was taken back in the 80's sometime...

Old Old Photo

Well hello there, check out this photo of Mum that she was given by her sister-inlaw today..Check out the top she has got on, that is not in fashion now...She has no idea when this photo was taken..Take a look at her she was younger.. We think this photo was taken on Dad's 21st Birthday back 19 yrs ago..

07 December 2008

Christmas Is Coming!

Well if you didn't know by now Christmas is almost upon us for another year.

Beaver and I are looking forward to Christmas, Mum put up the Christmas Tree today, as well as wrapped all the presents and writing out Christmas Cards. I wonder what Santa will bring Beaver and I this year, last year I got one of those ropes with a ball on the end.
Well Beaver this is your first Christmas ever...We will make it special for you..I can't wait till Christmas Day because I get a fresh bone every year, it seems to take forever to eat it....
Dad has brought Mum a special gift its only little so I wonder what it could be, well like the rest of us she will have to wait another 18 days from now...Then in 23 days from now its Mums's Birthday.....Then in 25 days it will be 2009, WOW where has this year gone...

Sleeping Together Again

Here are some more pictures of Beaver and I sleeping together taken last weekend...Don't we look cute... We are both looking forward to Christmas as its lots of fun...