16 October 2008

Cosmetic Surgery for the Computer

Hello there,
Just a little quick note to let you know that Mum won't have a computer at home from today till possibly Saturday, it is going to the doctor to have some cosmetic work done to it (LOL).

She is getting some more RAM and also we are upgrading to Windows Vista, as well as getting one of these babies, check it out a new monitor, and a widescreen one... So Asta La Vista all my friends we will see you back here as soon as the computer has finished having its surgery..

Love Kosmo & Beaver, Mum & Dad
P.S: If anyone wants to email Mum whilst the computer is off having surgery, please don't hesitate to email her at lisamaria16@hotmail.com

15 October 2008

Mum's Cyber Friend "JODI"

Hi There,

Let me introduce to you "JODI", this is Mum's cyber scrapbooking friend, she lives in Gunnedah which is probably about 5 hrs drive from here, I believe it gets very hot out there in the Summer and very cold in the Winter (correct me if I am wrong).

Just wanted to say JODI, you are a great friend to my Mum even though you haven't known each other long... My Mum talks lots about you and your family as well as all your lovely Scrapbooking...

Next time Beaver and I or even Mum or Dad decide to take a little adventure or a holiday as some people call it, we will definately come your way to meet you and your family and all your furry friends.....LOL

P.S: I hope you don't mind that I used this picture from your blog to put up here..

Dad's Work

Just wanted to share with you my Dad's truck that he drives for a local company, he drives a Volvo ( lots of people call them Biscuits,LOL LOL). Usually it has another little trailer attached to it, (they call that a dog) so the combination together becomes a Truck & Dog...

He drives for a company called "OZ MULCH", they supply landscape supplies to all different types of businesses. He has been working there now for 3 months... He use to be an interstate Truckie once for many years, but gave away doing that as it was very tiring...

Check out this Truck its Cool.... Don't forget if you see him on the road don't forget to say "Hello to him, or call him up and say Hello, his name is Brett... Also remember to give truckies time to pull up there big rigs, as it takes a lot longer for a fully loaded truck to pull up then what a lot of people think.

One day I hope my Dad might take me for a ride in his truck, I think it would be good watching all the other dogs.... My Dad brings his truck home quite often and gives it a wash and clean out inside his cab...and puts that smelly stuff inside....Oh well better be off now, getting ready for my breakfast...

14 October 2008

"Mum is Spoilt Just Like Us"

Well I must say my Mum is just as spoilt as we are by my Dad.

On Saturday after Mum picked up Dad from work, they went and visited the Morisset Mega Markets, which is a big place with lots of stalls or should I say shops, were all the family can go shop, there are even rides for kids as well.

So Mum and Dad were walking past this shop and seen something that caught Mum and Dad's eye, more Mums. As you can see by the picture its one of those ones you plug in the wall and it lights up and the water moves and it also has sound, ( like seagulls and the sound of the water moving). And of course it had to have a dolphin in it, as my Mum loves Dolphins, so I guess you could say that Mum now has her own personal pet Dolphin ( but not a real one).

So they walked passed and continued to shop, when Dad said, "Would you like one of those pictures", Mum said," I will think about it", knowing that for sure she would absolutely adore one of those. When they were ready to leave they went back to the shop and Dad brought her one.... ( That's what I call "Spoilt", in other words she got what she wanted), just like Beaver and I.
LOL You can actually see a shadow of Mum in the picture....Oh Well...I hope you all like it....I will get Mum to try and get a better picture of it....

The Cuties

Will you take a look at these photos of these Cuties.

I don't know what "Beaver" was thinking when he went to sleep, but to me it looks like he is trying to hug the lounge chair.

And "Me", well I am just taking a rest after playing with my ball outside.

I think this is the meaning of being "SPOILT", what do you reckon....

12 October 2008

"FRIGHTENED ANIMALS"- Saturday 11th October 2008

It was around 4.20pm on what had been a mildly hot Saturday, when the skies over Boolaroo were becoming quite grey & cloudy, when all of a sudden there was a big flash of Lightning, then a huge clap of Thunder, and then all of a sudden the wind picked up and then the rain came tumbling down.

We were having what they call a "Storm", which is pretty typical for this time of the year. Kosmo and Beaver were behaving quite unusual, in other words they were "Frightened Scaredy Cats" (as the saying goes). Beaver was going from room to room and Meowing quite loud, and Kosmo well he just wanted to sit on your lap ( that's a bit hard, given his size).

Boom Boom went the thunder, and the rain got heavier, so Kosmo and Beaver decided to snuggle up to each other to get themselves through the storm, once the storm was finished they both went their seperate ways, Kosmo went outside to play with his tennis balls and Beaver went to play on his playgym.

"Well I hope you don't think Beaver and I are real chickens, but try being in our bodies when it storms, because it is scary".

Friday 10th October 2008

Just dropping by to let you know about the bbq Mum went to last night,"typical she never invites me as I would eat all the food".

About 20mths ago now, Mum found out her cousins, "Margaret & Karen & Adam Duncan that went to QLD when she was very young, probably about 16 to 17 years ago, were alive and well and one of them being Margaret wanted to make contact with her, thru her Uncle Wareen, they made contact. Margaret came to Newcastle in April 2007, Uncle Warren arranged for the family to attend a family reunion bbq, which he put on for them all so they could once again, meet and get to know "Margaret". At the reunion there were lots of family pictures taken, which my Mum has scrapbooked.

Well at the bbq - Family Reunion "18mths" later, which once again Uncle Warren put on for us all, took place on Friday night 10th October 2008, a good night was had by all, lots of photos were taken for our family albums, but also to pass on to our newly found cousin "Patricia Ann Screen", who will be joining us early next year here in Newcastle.

Well Cousin Margaret it looks like its up to you and my Mum to keep the family together,"Lets see how many more family members we can get together again".