12 October 2008

Friday 10th October 2008

Just dropping by to let you know about the bbq Mum went to last night,"typical she never invites me as I would eat all the food".

About 20mths ago now, Mum found out her cousins, "Margaret & Karen & Adam Duncan that went to QLD when she was very young, probably about 16 to 17 years ago, were alive and well and one of them being Margaret wanted to make contact with her, thru her Uncle Wareen, they made contact. Margaret came to Newcastle in April 2007, Uncle Warren arranged for the family to attend a family reunion bbq, which he put on for them all so they could once again, meet and get to know "Margaret". At the reunion there were lots of family pictures taken, which my Mum has scrapbooked.

Well at the bbq - Family Reunion "18mths" later, which once again Uncle Warren put on for us all, took place on Friday night 10th October 2008, a good night was had by all, lots of photos were taken for our family albums, but also to pass on to our newly found cousin "Patricia Ann Screen", who will be joining us early next year here in Newcastle.

Well Cousin Margaret it looks like its up to you and my Mum to keep the family together,"Lets see how many more family members we can get together again".

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Jodi said...

Looks like you had a lovely time catching up..