08 August 2008


Hey there,

Just a quick update and to tell you all to watch out because my Mum brought a video camera last night, I can see it now, she will be filming everything "Me" and "Beaver" do for a while I suppose, so I guess I might go hide up the back of the shed, so she has to find me.

I will get Mum to update over the weekend with some pics of "Me" and "Beaver" and some of the Scrapbooking layouts she has done of me in the past, and I know she has recently done some of "Beaver".

Have a good day everyone I will because its Friday and I like Fridays because it means I get to spend heaps of time with Mum and Dad over the weekend, especially inside as its cold at the moment, so I might just lay in front of the heater with Beaver if he will let me and doesn't try to eat my tail as usual or eat my paws LOL LOL.
P.S: Don't ya just love this photo of me, this is me watching Beaver, waiting for him to pounce on me.

04 August 2008

"Beaver" The Kitty is Famous

Hi there,

Just a quick thing I would like to note in my blog, is that my little furbrother "Beaver" is famous, he and Mum wrote a letter to the RSPCA Success Stories Page on the RSPCA's website and well you wouldn't believe it I went there this morning for a sneek peek and guess who is the star "BEAVER".

click on the link and go and have a look: http://www.roar.org.au/success_stories.htm.

How clever of them, and congratulations Beaver on becoming famous.

Talk to you all Soon.

KOSMO xoxoxoxo