17 July 2008

25th December 2007 --- Christmas Day

Well hello there everybody, its been a while since I wrote a Kosmo Tale.

A lot has happened during this last couple of weeks, Mum and Dad's Friend Ron has arrived form New Zealand, he hasn't changed much, just a little greyer hair, and needs a hair-cut ( I am sure my friend "Grace" the dogwash lady could give him a clip LOL LOL LOL).

The weather has been a mixed bag, one day fine and hot the next day Cold, Windy and rainy the next. I have had a few swims, when my mum gets in the pool, I have even managed to jump off the side, straight in.

Mum and Dad have been taking me to the park in the car, its so much fun, we go in the car, then jump out for a run around, I like chasing the pigeons. I also want to play with the kids if there are any at the park, but I am not allowed just in case I am a bit rough for them ( I don't mean to be).

Mum and Dad brought me some reindeer ears to wear for my christmas photos, but when mum took my photos i was being cheeky and poked my tongue out.

Well its Christmas Day and I like Christmas because I get to have the Pork Bone and a little of the fat from the ham, YUMMY, YUMMY!!!!. Mum and Dad got lots of presents and cards, thats because their special.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone, I will speak with you all next month or should I say Year as it will be 2008 when I write my next tale, as there are only 6 days to go for 2007 and what a year its been.

Its back to work for mum and dad next week

Lots of Love

KOSMO xoxoxoxo

P.S: My Mum got a new bloody camera for Christmas, looks like I need to go hide again, otherwise I will get "Kosmo sit, Kosmo do this, Kosmo do that!!!!!!!!!!!

11th November 2007

Well on Sunday 4th November 2007, marked 12mths since my mum and dad brought me home from the RSPCA.

A lot has happened since then ( you can find out just read my previous posts), I have grown up so much since then, done a bit of chewing on things I shouldn't have, but I am now starting to outgrow this, which is probably a good thing. I am getting use to having a bath every 4 weeks by the friendly dogwash lady named,"Grace", she gives me a treat, if I am good.

I have learnt to talk to my mum and dad with a little "WOO WOO", and they love it. The other day my mum was reading a magazine article on "Is your Dog Psychic" and from reading and answering some questions, it seems I am a "Semi Psychic Dog".

I must say I do like shoes especially thongs, give them to me and I will chew them right up till there is nothing left, I know it is naughty but its fun too. I have also learnt when Dad opens the gate not to run out on the road, when my dad says "NO", I stay put, when I am told to sit I do so, so I guess that makes me a very obedient dog.

Since my last tale, my mums friend" Rita" has died from Cancer, that was a very sad time for all of us, as it was sudden.... May she rest in peace. Her husband "RON" is coming to stay with us for a few weeks soon. I can't wait to see him, and give him a big lick up the face, and tell him I am sorry about "Rita", but don't worry Ron, it will be ok.

I have discovered Peanut Butter, it is really really yummy, So are Pigs Trotters.

Well its time to go to bed now......

Till Next Time


Woo Woo Woo

Monday 1st October 2007

Well today marks the 1st Anniversary of the death of my sister "TINY", it has been a sad day today, but we all must remember that she is still here with us in spirit.

I haven't written a tale since 18.8.07, as not much has happened since then, just getting bigger, and I am shedding my hair, they says its to do with my breed, Mum and Dad had to buy a special rake thingy to brush or rake as they call it, the excess shedding hair out.

Today I had my first swim for the season with my mum, its amazing i remembered how to get in the pool, You should see me, I am good I am.

Well enough now, suppose I better get going now.



P.S Dad got a new job, a permanent one, Good One Dad.

SPECIAL STORY --- Tuesday 3rd July 2007

Today is the 9 mth anniversary of the passing of my big sister "Tiny", she was a mini-foxie in which my Mum and Dad had had for 10 yrs till 3rd October 2006, she had to be put down after the injuries she received during the incident (which my mum doesn't want to elaborate on), cause it hurts to much to talk about it.

Other than this I don't have much to tell you other than I am now 11 months old as of 29th June, and only 26 days to go till my 1st Birthday ( which u would have read about in my previous post to this one).

" I must say that I believe all us dogs and all cats when we do pass on we go to a place where the grass in greener and the sun is out and we all play, at the end of a rainbow, so if you see a rainbow thats where you will find your loved one that has passed on".

My sister had a friend called "SOXY", if you're out there reading this post, to my sister you were a hero, and thanks for comforting her till mum and dad got home, "Soxy" you are a legend.

27th July 2007 -- Kosmo's First Birthday

Kosmo's First Birthday

Today was my 1st Birthday, I had a great day, just lazing around doing nothing, being spoilt.

Mum & Dad gave me 2 pink doughnuts with sprinkles on them, as well as a cup of Milo, they took me to the park as well, then when we came home we had a swim in the pool.



Happy Birthday dear Kosmo


Hip Hip Hooray.


I thought I would tell you about my first Trip to the vet this morning. My appointment was for 10.15am, but as usual my Mum was running early, so when we got there, they needed some details from us like:
1. What Breed am I?
2. How much do I weigh?
So the nurse put me on this blue mat thing.
I weigh 23kgs (That's heavy says my mum)....Thats about 2 bags of 10kg potatoes, then they asked about my diet. My diet consists of dry food, Scooby Doo" snacks and the occasional bit of tin food, mixed in with my dry food. I also like human food too, like "Cheese". which I might have a piece of once every blue moon or so. I like my vegies like, Peas, Corn & Broccoli and Cauliflower and even potatoes. I like Lamb, Beef and Chicken cuts of meat as well.

Enough about all that! Anyway the reason for going to the vet, my Mum & Dad thought I might have ear mites as I have been shaking my head lots this last couple of days, well it seems I don't have mites, I have a slight ear infection caused by a bit of moisture stuck in my ear from when I had my bath last week.

So Scott ( the vet) gave mum some drops to put in my ears everyday, twice a day, and also some ear & skin cleaner to put in my ears everytime i have a bath or go swimming or get wet, so we were probably there only 15 mintues and it cost $127.50 Boy! Oh! Boy!, us dogs can cost our parents lots of money just to go and visit the vet.

As far as what breed I am! I am a Golden Retreiver X German Shepherd so Scott says, is it any wonder I am a good looking and very intelligent dog with all those traits in me.

Love KOSMO xoxoxo

10th June 2007 -- Almost 11mths Old

Well lots has happened since my last tale, particularly with the weather, let me tell you we have had some really windy rainy weather ( I have never seen weather like it) I have never seen so much water, like a river, and I was cold, bore the weather got really bad Mum and Dad put me in the garage, its good in there, lots of things to chew on, I found a lid off a spray can to chew on, after having a chew for a while I went and layed my cushion and went to sleep and when I woke up all the really bad weather had gone, but the rain was still here, so I went out the side of the yard and just layed in it. The only thing that really really bothered me was being worried about my mum and dad hoping they were sage inside the house.

My mum has had that bloody camera, out again taking photos of me (hopefully they are for her scrapbooking) next month mum will have to take me to the vet, as I will be 1 yard old, and have to have my 12mht booster needle (the thought is a little scary) but I will be ok!

Mum has been going for a walk, everyday except Fridays and Saturdays in which mum goes on her own. We go the same way each day and I see my friends ( The boxer & The German Shepards) they bark at me lots, I am glad I can’t bark like tem, cause I would get into trouble for barking as I never bark, just howl ( but I am actually talking) when I howl.

Well until next month



10th May 2007

Well Hello there everyone, its been a while since my last Kosmo Tale, not much has happened in the last month...My mum has left her job to spend more time with Dad & I ( that is so cool), we have been going for a walk everyday, in the afternoon its not as cold at that time of the day.

The other day we went for our walk down in the industrial area, and we seen this ugly looking dog (I think it was a boxer) and all it did was sit at the big fence and bark at me, I think it might have wanted to fight with me, I don’t like to fight with other dogs, just play as I am not a nasty dog…I am a very placid and pleasant dog.

I have been talking to my mum and dad lots lately and they think I am just so beautiful ( which I am)…………….As I said not much to tell you, I am not getting any bigger in height but am getting wider ( must be something to do with my breed).

Till next time “Asta LaVista Baby”
I’ll Be Back


April 2007 - 9mths old on 29/4/07

A couple of weeks ago Aunty Liz, Uncle Vic, Sully and Jai brought down this basket to our house and it had a cat in it, his name is apparently JOSH, he is a tan with white sox paws, they put JOSH inside with Cuddles ( watch out cuddles a stranger coming, be alert, watch your back, he might try to attack you!!!).

Well they let JOSH out of his cage, he layed eyes on Cuddles and she meowed really loudly because she didn’t like him --- and I don’t blame her “a strange cat” in cuddles territory. How dare they do this to her.

Anyway Cuddles attacked Josh twice with Mum having to get them apart. Josh’s eye was bleeding a bit because cuddles clawed it, well looks like Josh ain’t staying here. YIPPEE YIPPEE for Cuddles – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – NO STRANGE PETS IN OUR HOUSE ****NOT ALLOWED******



25th March 2007 - 8mths old on 29th

Well we have been living here at 49 Cary Street Toronto for approximately 4 weeks now, I love my new house, my mum and dad have been teaching me how to get in and out of the pool on my own. Its so easy just put front paws in on the top step then scratch with my left paw on top of the water then just jump in and swim to my little heart is content. Mum and dad think I have stopped growing I hope so I think I am big compared to cuddles she is so little for her age. Maybe its because she is a cat and I am a dog I don’t know. I have just chewed up all my toys, so mum will have to buy me some more.

I had my first hydro bath last weekend and I was a bit frightened but very clean after it – she sprayed this smelly stuff on me that made me smell like a girl---just as well my friends can’t smell me. My collar seems to be getting tighter –think its time for a new one.

Mum was cleaning up in the studio on Sunday--- about time she did this, so finally she finished cleaning up and invited me in to sit on the lounge and watch the V8 Supercars with her and dad. I absolutely loved it and when it was time to go outside again I didn’t move as the lounge is very comfortable. But eventually I got up and off my butt and did do as I was told.

Mum and Dad have a friend called Ronnie and he calls me PLUTO because of my long lanky legs --- he says I remind him of the Disney dog on the TV.

Well till next month
All My Love

P.S: The Easter Bunny is coming --- Who the hell is he! And why does he like CHOCOLATE so much.

23rd February 7 months old on 29th - Moving Day

Well what a couple of weeks its been for mum and dad they have both been busy packing and moving furniture getting ready for us all to move house today.

Dad has been fixing a few things around the yard, like the pool fence I found a way to push thru the fence so I can go play in the pool area, and he has had to fix the pool hose as it has lots of splits in it and I didn’t do them, its because of it being out in the weather, he has just nailed all the pool fence pailings on.

Dad took cuddles to the new house at 2.00am this morning in Josh Pralica’s carry cage ( see ya cuddles when I get over there don’t be frightened it will be ok when I get over there ok) apparently Cuddles meowed all the way and was very frightened…I don’t blame her……I hope she is ok! Over there on her own. Dad and the removalists moved all the furniture to the new house. Dad and mum are coming back to get me later on tonight.

They finally came to get me at 10.30pm, it was really dark, I got in the backseat of Ronnie’s car and layed there and went to sleep and next thing I remember is mum saying “come on kos lets get out”.

When we got there Mum took me out the back so I could find my water bowls and kennel and have my dinner a big bowl of biscuits….YIPPEE FOOD FOOD YIPPEE. After I had my bikkies mum and dad went for a swim and I just ran around the outside of the pool trying to work out how the hell I could get in there too---but dad said no its was too late.

Anyway I finally got into my kennel and didn’t wake up till 8.00am the next morning for my breakfast.


6mths Old Tomorrow 28th January 2007

Hello I am back again, well tomorrow I am 6mths old and growing up fast. I have decided that from now on I am going to write a Kosmo Tale once a month till I am 12mths old….So I hope you all don’t mind.

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks. The weather has been really warm and I mean warm up to 42C last Sunday. Mum and dad were in the pool so they put me in the water quite a few times to cool me down….I drank lots of my water.

Mum and Dad had some friends come over on Saturday ( Helen & Richard) what nice people they are ( I am glad mum and dad have found some friends like them…not many people like them left in the world), they are really really nice people. They all sat out the back in the nice cool wind, I layed under Ron’s car to try and stay cool and keep out of the sun. Helen played with me a few times(shes a cool lady ask mum she says it all the time). (she also loves me and wants a dog too but she wants a pure bred Labrador----not a mixed breed like me….oh well).

I have been chewing on the hose, and have put a couple of little holes in it, so now dad will have to fix it ( he will cause he loves me lots).

I have been getting lots of different foods lately to eat, and they are yummy(keep them comin’ mum). I was feeling a bit under the weather a couple of days ago, I thought it was the heat but NO WAY, it was because I ate something I shouldn’t have.

My daily walks have been interesting as one day we go one way and we go a different way each other day.

Well I better go now, MUM has other things to be doing instead of helping write my tale

Talk to you all next month

24 Weeks Old 12th January 2007

Hello there here I am back for another Kosmo Tale. People must think my mum is mad or insane writing my Kosmo Tales ( a dog talking thru a humans eyes).

I guess Mum will get that bloody camera out again sometime soon for up-to-date pictures(she'll probably use them for her Scrapbooking -she is quite clever). Well yesterday afternoon we didn't go for our daily alk as the weather was extremely hot about 38C, so instead of a walk mum had a swim and I jumped in as well, but I took a bit of convincing but I eventually got in, Mum also mowed the lawn and did some washing, she washed down the concrete out the back where I eat & sleep to get rid of the dust. Mum brought me some more plastic toys during the week.

After we all had our tea mum came out and spent sometime with me, then the wind seemed to get a little bit cooler, we got some rain, only a few spots ( like a flock of pigeons going over), but we got lots of lightning & thunder for quite a few hours.

Well I am going to bed now on my chair, to enjoy the thunderstorm and I will write another Kosmo Tale next week.



23 Weeks Old 5th January 2007

Well being a Saturday Mum and Dad were home and Mum was washing & cleaning up. Dad was getting ready to go somewhere with a trailer on, mum says he was going to Phil's house to take out his old gearbox and put another one in. Mum didn't go with him, she left later as she wanted to go in her new car so she could show off her flashy VT Commodore (she can be a tease when she wants to be about it).

Well during this last week I got another new toy, this time a football on a string. Well its very tasty first I chewed the elastic rope off it, then I started chewing on the ball its going to take a bit of time, but eventually I will get it apart.

Mum and Dad went back to work after being home with me for 12 days, I miss them lots & lots. They have been giving me some food thats not dog food, and its quite yummy, I especiallly like the vegies, cause they are good for you.

Well thats all for thsi week.


P.S: Cuddles (Cat) and I wrote a letter to the RSPCA at Rutherford Shelter to give them an update on us both, our mum sent it to them via email. and low and behold we made it on to the internet on their Success Stories page....WE ARE FAMOUS....YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE

14 July 2008

22 Weeks Old 30th December 2006

I turned 5 months old Yesterday. (29th December 2006)

Christmas 2006

Well its my Mum's 34th Birthday today, lots of people rang her and also texted her, aunty liz and uncle wickter and the children came for a visit.

Dad slept till 10.30am as he worked last night (he works hard), I don't know how he manages working at night doing 12 hour shifts. Anyway after lunch my mum went out with Aunty Liz and family for a while, when she came home we went for a swim in the big pool, we actually had a couple of swims, cause it was quite warm.

This last week has been a big one with Xmas Day - Boxing Day, I got to have some Pork & Ham ( i really like the crackle from the prok, it was very yummy). My dad gave my mum a beautiful ring for Xmas, it sparkles in the sunlight. Last night there were some big bangs going off around Wangi, and then when you looked into the sky, there were pretty lights, I think they call them Fireworkds (thats why there noisy). But they didn't bother me as I just layed and rested in my chair. I haven't been sleeping in my kennel as its been to hot to sleep in there.

On Saturday about 3 weeks ago my mum and dad mowed the lawn I hid from the lawnmower and whipper snipper as they frightened me, but on Thursday just gone Mum & Dad remowed the lawn and I actually chased the mower, as its not scary after all.

Anway its been good having Mum & Dad at home, but they have to go back to work.

Till Next Week

KOSMO xoxoxoxo

P.S My next Tale will be in 2007.

21 Weeks Old 23rd December 2006

Well welcome to Saturday once again, I am sorry I didn't write a Kosmo Tale last week, as Mum and Dad were both really busy working hard to buy me some presents WOW, must be a party or something coming up or something (they keep mentioning Christmas and Santa Claus - who the hell is he, a man in a red suit they say, I don't know I have never seen him, we would probably frighten me).
Anyway Last weekend I never seen Dad at all he was either working or sleeping, poor bugger must be really wornout by now - I think he needs a holiday & Mum she was so busy cleaning the house, it shined like the queens tiara, like real diamonds, and then she went to work everyday as well, one night though she didn't get home till after dark, I was so hungry, I thought about eating my tail, but luckily she came home, straight in the door, ran upstairs and fed me ( when mum got home she had so many bags of shopping, it was ridiculous, poor dad out working hard, just so mum can spend it all) Why doesn't dad ever spend lots of money like mum? Oh well shit happens I guess, and mine are big ones, like landmines LOL.
Mum did something with her hair during the last week or so, she looks like a red carrot, and fixed her nails, must be going to a party. I have been a little bit naughty, getting my blanket out of my kennel and dragging it thru the dirt and out to the backyard, its really hot in my kennel, and I don't like a clean blanket, I like mine to be dusty like the other one that use to be in there.
You know how I told you about the whingeing dog next door, turns out she had some babies the other week, to be whinging as much as she was, she must have been in labout, giving birth to the puppies. Mum & Dad had a look over the fence the other day when no-one was home, apparently they look really cute, (but you know what - no-one will ever be as cute as me and my sister Tiny, they can go suck eggs). ( I wish it was my sister that had the babies - oh well life goes on).
Dad has been working on his truck lots lately - he brought another for spares, its in my backyard and when he gets under it, I go and give him lots of licks and cuddles - its funny, and I take off with all his nuts and bolts, let me tell you I have them scattered all over the backyeard here and there, I am so sorry Dad, but I really think its funny. I guess I am just doing what all puppies do, getting up to mischief. I ripped the backseat aprat that was in the little shed, and put pieces of foam everywhere in there, HA HA Mum had to clean it up.
Mum and Dad have been letting me inside of a nite for a while, cuddles the cat likes to tease me, So i go after her, I put my head in her tunnel, and she gets her claws out, but we really love each other, so its just play fun. Dad gave me some lollies last n ight, I didn't like the mint, I just left that one alone, but the brown & white Jersey Caramels, I munched them up, like there was no tomorrow, I wanted more but Dad said "NO", and he meant it. When Dad says things I always listen to him, but Mum well she hasn't got the authority voice like Dad, but I do listen to her.
Mum gave me some mince with vegetables in it, I think humans call it "Meatloaf" , its quite yummy, I also like 2 minute Noodles but they must be the "Chicken" flavoured ones. Mum and Dad brought me some new toys as I have chewed holes in all the others, but they have only given me 1 out of the 3 new ones, they gave me a plastic beer bottle with "dog beer" on it, it squeaked until I put a hole in it this morning, but I still run around with it in my mouth playing with it.
Well its almost Xmas, 2 more sleeps and Santa will be here, I guarantee you if I see them horses with horns (i think they call them reindeers, I will be barking at them because they will be strange to me. Yesterday I got to meet Julie Collins (she's the real estate lady) Boy Oh Boy!, What a nice lady she is!
Well I suppose I should go now, and come back again next week with my next Kosmo Tale.
Well until next week
Big Slober Kisses and Licks to you all
KOSMO xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

13 July 2008

19 Weeks Old 9th December 2006

Hello there another week has gone by, this week nothing much new has happened, just playing games everyday while Mum & Dad are at work.

One game i like to play is getting my black and white soccer ball putting it in my mouth and running around the yard in circles and making it squeak (must drive the neighbours batty - even thought they are already batty enough. I have been going up under the tree near the shed alot lately because i have been hearing one of the dogs next door whingeing a lot (Silly dog).

I haven't barked at her, just sat there and listened (typical woman). Being Saturday, we went to the beach again, this time Mum let me run around without my lead it was so much fun and I did behave myself so as of next time I don't have to be put on my lead. Only if there is too many cars.

I kept running after Sully & Jai, they kept going into the water, but I don't go in the water as yet as I am a bit scared of it. (give me a little bit of time and I may like it), I went and sat with Mum and Aunty Liz, and decided to dig a hole. I kept digging and digging and digging but didn't find anything (oh well maybe next time i will find something). We went home early cause dad had to go to work the next morning early.

On Sunday I had my very first bath, oh what fun, I laid in the water, while mum massaged the soap into my body, I was well behaved it was ridiculous, the only time i was naughty was when i had to get dried, I ran away from mum ans wouldn't come back and just wanted to play with the cat, Finally mum dired me off, then she put me outside i went straight onto the grass.

Wwell its been another big week in my life of me KOSMO the DOG.
Till next time
KOSMO xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

18 Weeks Old 2nd December 2006 (Part 2)

The car stopped and Dad got out to go buy some smelling frozen stuff, they looked like fish ( I think they call it bait). Mum put my lead on and we went for a little walk to the grass, where I just peed and peed(what a relief, as I had to hold on for ages), I got back in and we went on with our journey, the next thing you know I heard mum talking to Aunty Liz, they were talking about "Cherokee", (who in the hell is she), Oh No!, not another dog - a girl dog, this might not be so bad, I can follow her and sniff her butt (oh boy behave myself LOL), and even play with her.

When dad was letting the air out of the tyres, Mum gave me some water and I got to meet that other dog. She is a bit stuck up..... Doesn't want to play, she seems like I am not good enough for her to play with me, Oh Well, Mum and Dad are here and Mu will play with me if no one else will. We got back in the car and went over to the beach, the road was a bit rough, up, down, up, down ( must be the sand, those silly people who won't let there tyres down, think I might be speaking to them about this).

Dad decided to scare the pants off me and mum and sped up toward this big puddle of water, Oh Boy! my mum she is a chicken, she screeched as we went thru, I just sat there like a good boy, got a little bit of water on me (oh well it made me nice and cool), The beach was flat and not many waves, Dad said Uncle Victor you can choose the fishing spot today, but aunty Liz said YEAH RIGHT.

Well off down the beach we went, and dad found a spot, everyone got out except me, I was a bit frightened so dad picked me up and said"Kosmo here is something new to walk on", and put me on this yellow stuff, it was grainy and soft, when I walked I sunk into the ground slowly but once I walked around a while I was ok.!! I went down towards the water, didn't want to get wet as I was cold and the water was coming towards me, I was scared. But suddenly I seen that Cherokee chick again, she was in the water(looked like a big swimming pool to me and not like mine at home, Cherokee looked like a drowned rad, in other words she was soaked). Sully & Jai seem to like the water lots as well.

When Cherokee came in from out of the water, I followed her but she just wasn't interested. There were so many cars at the beach today, Mum and Dad decided the way to keep me safe was to pub my lead on. I sat there on my lead with Mum and Aunty Liz & Cherokee, Cherokee was sneaking up behind me - trying to get to know me, so I put my paw on her and she kept running back to her mum. I was hungry so mum gave me some biscuits, we offered them to Cherokee, but she just turned her nose up at them( fussy woman), but Cherokee didn't mind sharing my sandy water with me.

When we played she barked at me, so I showed her how I could dig a big hole in the sand, Dad caught 2 big fishes, then all of a sudden the wind got really strong, so dad couldn't fish, so we packed up and went home, mum took a photo of me with sand on my nose (that bloody camera had to come out didn't it, mum couldn't help herself).

On the way home Mum & Dad were eating Peanut Butter sandwiches, and they gave me some too ( I think I like Peanut Butter). We made a stop at Henny Penny for some Chips & Chicken, I had 1 chip , then layed down, it rained. I had layed down nearly all the way home, I am so tired I just want to get home to my kennel.

After I ate my dinner, I layed in my kennel stretched out to the max, I was so tired, hopefully tomorrow will be a lazy day.

Until Next Time



18 Weeks Old 2nd December 2006 (Part 1)

* Must be Saturday again, Mum & Dad are late out of bed yet again, mum's normally up by now, and gone to work, well its been a long week. I am still enjoying my daily walks, I found something new to play with, its white, its plastic and a little bit heavy. ( I think it is the bottom step to the old pool ladder.), which Dad took out last weekend, to put out for the council pick-up on Monday.

* All week both Mum and Dad have been sayin' to me all week"Go to the beach on Saturday", I wish it would hurry up and get here.

* Oh No!, not the car again, last time we went somewhere it took forever and seemed like I was in there for hours, oh well hopefully it won't take long to get where every it is wer are going. The weather seems a bit cloudy this morning, that will make my dad cranky, as if it keeps up we won't be going to the beach this afternoon.
* Oh my god! That bloody camera, i think my mum is snap happy, here we go again with sit, no, sit, Kosmos a good boy, and click then click, and flash. I don't like that flash it hurts my eyes doesn't she realise this, "Stupid Woman". Finally finished with the happy snaps till next week, i might go hide under the lemon tree so she can't find me.
* I thought I might go play near the pool fence, Oh Boy, lots of grass clippings here, I'll just nudge here where the timber is split and see what happens, oh it broke. I can get thru with a little nudge and push, I better make sure Mum and Dad can't see what I am doing, so I looked around and the coast was clear, so thru I went, going in and out of the bushes and with spiderwebs all ove me, next thing you know I could hear Mum calling out to me "KOSMO - KOSSIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? Then I heard the back screen door, mum was out hte back looking for me, I bet she panicked when she couldn't see me, I thought I'd better go to the fence, so she could see me, She said" KOSMO WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE, AND HOW DID YOU GET IN THERE", Dad was in the garage and lifted the door and said I can see where he got thru there, he got some timber and repaired it so I can't get thru again.

* It was about 1.30pm when we left for the beach, mum had to pick me up and put me in the back of the car, as I didn't want to get in. I thought we were going for a walk seeing I had my lead on. Anyway after getting in we started on the journey, it seemed to take ages, I was laying on my blanket listening to the music, every now and then I got up and looked out the window to see where we were, I had no idea, it was confusing for me.