14 July 2008

21 Weeks Old 23rd December 2006

Well welcome to Saturday once again, I am sorry I didn't write a Kosmo Tale last week, as Mum and Dad were both really busy working hard to buy me some presents WOW, must be a party or something coming up or something (they keep mentioning Christmas and Santa Claus - who the hell is he, a man in a red suit they say, I don't know I have never seen him, we would probably frighten me).
Anyway Last weekend I never seen Dad at all he was either working or sleeping, poor bugger must be really wornout by now - I think he needs a holiday & Mum she was so busy cleaning the house, it shined like the queens tiara, like real diamonds, and then she went to work everyday as well, one night though she didn't get home till after dark, I was so hungry, I thought about eating my tail, but luckily she came home, straight in the door, ran upstairs and fed me ( when mum got home she had so many bags of shopping, it was ridiculous, poor dad out working hard, just so mum can spend it all) Why doesn't dad ever spend lots of money like mum? Oh well shit happens I guess, and mine are big ones, like landmines LOL.
Mum did something with her hair during the last week or so, she looks like a red carrot, and fixed her nails, must be going to a party. I have been a little bit naughty, getting my blanket out of my kennel and dragging it thru the dirt and out to the backyard, its really hot in my kennel, and I don't like a clean blanket, I like mine to be dusty like the other one that use to be in there.
You know how I told you about the whingeing dog next door, turns out she had some babies the other week, to be whinging as much as she was, she must have been in labout, giving birth to the puppies. Mum & Dad had a look over the fence the other day when no-one was home, apparently they look really cute, (but you know what - no-one will ever be as cute as me and my sister Tiny, they can go suck eggs). ( I wish it was my sister that had the babies - oh well life goes on).
Dad has been working on his truck lots lately - he brought another for spares, its in my backyard and when he gets under it, I go and give him lots of licks and cuddles - its funny, and I take off with all his nuts and bolts, let me tell you I have them scattered all over the backyeard here and there, I am so sorry Dad, but I really think its funny. I guess I am just doing what all puppies do, getting up to mischief. I ripped the backseat aprat that was in the little shed, and put pieces of foam everywhere in there, HA HA Mum had to clean it up.
Mum and Dad have been letting me inside of a nite for a while, cuddles the cat likes to tease me, So i go after her, I put my head in her tunnel, and she gets her claws out, but we really love each other, so its just play fun. Dad gave me some lollies last n ight, I didn't like the mint, I just left that one alone, but the brown & white Jersey Caramels, I munched them up, like there was no tomorrow, I wanted more but Dad said "NO", and he meant it. When Dad says things I always listen to him, but Mum well she hasn't got the authority voice like Dad, but I do listen to her.
Mum gave me some mince with vegetables in it, I think humans call it "Meatloaf" , its quite yummy, I also like 2 minute Noodles but they must be the "Chicken" flavoured ones. Mum and Dad brought me some new toys as I have chewed holes in all the others, but they have only given me 1 out of the 3 new ones, they gave me a plastic beer bottle with "dog beer" on it, it squeaked until I put a hole in it this morning, but I still run around with it in my mouth playing with it.
Well its almost Xmas, 2 more sleeps and Santa will be here, I guarantee you if I see them horses with horns (i think they call them reindeers, I will be barking at them because they will be strange to me. Yesterday I got to meet Julie Collins (she's the real estate lady) Boy Oh Boy!, What a nice lady she is!
Well I suppose I should go now, and come back again next week with my next Kosmo Tale.
Well until next week
Big Slober Kisses and Licks to you all
KOSMO xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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