18 October 2009

More Card Making

Well I have been at it again, trying out making some more Christmas Cards, What do you think? I look forward to your comments..

Scrapbooking Layouts

This layout is called "Musical", Brett and I went to see "South Pacific", recently this was put on by the Metropolitan Players here in Newcastle.

This layout is called "Crowdy Head", as the photo used was taken from Crowdy Head Lighthouse looking back towards Harrington.

My Holiday Part 7 -- Photos

More family photos

My Holiday Part 6 -- Photos

These photos are of my family..

My Holiday Part 5 -- Photos

These photos were taken at SkyHigh at the top of Mount Dandenong on Friday 9th October 2009.

My Holiday Part 4 -- Photos

My Holiday Part 3 -- Photos

There were taken from the top of the Eildon Dam..

My Holiday Part 2 -- Photos

These photos were all taken at Eildon...

My Holiday Part 1

Well as some of you know I recently went on a little holiday to Melbourne for 5 days and 5 nights, to see my Uncle Reese and my Aunty Rhonda, leaving Hubby home to look after Kosmo Beaver and Jaws, and let me tell you he did a good job too..Well I left on Monday 5th October @ 6.00am with Jetstar direct to Melbourne arriving at 7.40am,and came back on Saturday 10th October @ 6.20am with Jetstar direct to Newcastle arriving at 7.50am..

During those 5 days in Melbourne, I did lots of things, did plenty of shopping at the craftshops, Big W and Kmart and Lowes, didnt venture into the city of Melbourne itself at all, I stayed in a suburb at the bottom of the Dandenong Ranges called "Ferntree Gully". Every suburb in Melbourne has its own craftshop as well as a shopping centre..I have never seen so many shops in all my life in the one suburb.

I took lots of photos of the different places that we went to..We went to a place called "Eildon" which is about 120klms from where my Uncle and Aunt live, and we came back thru the Yarra Valley, we went thru where the devastating bushfires went thru earlier this year, all the trees and paddocks are coming back all nice and green and dense...Everyone was complaining about how cold it was and I was running around with a sleeveless top on and jeans and no jacket.

We also went to Mount Dandenong, and we went to a place called SkyHigh, what a magnificant place it was...I also go to meet some family that I have never met before.. A big Hello to Darlene and Ross, Also Paul and Angelique, Alissa and Haydon, also Derek and Sharon, Mitchell and Jamiee.

I will never forget my holiday in Melbourne and hope to do it again one day.....I have lots of photos to post for you all to see..