08 June 2008

Sat 4-11-06 14 Weeks Old Part 1

Since my sister "Tiny" died my Mum & Dad decided they would like another dog and began their search, looking in Newspapers and on the internet at the RSPCA website for many weeks, Dad seen a picture of a brown Border Collie X on the website, and on the Saturday went to the RSPCA to have a look, it was a miserable wet Saturday morning when my new prospective parents (Brett & Lisa) arrived at the RSPCA Shelter at Rutherford to look at the dog.

When they called out to the dog, it just layed there and wouldn't come, then Mum layed eyes on me a Black/Tan & White Border Collie X, and said she wanted to take me home, I was at the cage door waiting to get out, when the lady from the shelter let me out I jumped all over Lisa & Brett as I really liked them, after playing with me for a while the lady said I could go home with them. YIPEE YIPEE A NEW HOME.

I had been at the Shelter since I was real young, after buying me a brand new collar and lead we were off. I didn't like getting my collar on as I had never had one on before."I peed on the floor in the waiting area as I was excited, the lady cleaned it up with paper towel and some spray stuff"that smelt awful".

We went out to the car, my dad had to carry me as I didn't like the grass. My mum nursed me, both mum & dad patted me while the car was moving, as I was a little nervous but more frightened than anything else. They told me we were going to Aunty Liz's house to borrow her trailer, it seemed like a long long way away, when we got there my mum carried me inside and said to the people,"meet aunty lis & uncle bretts new baby".

Aunty Liz fell in love with me instantly, we stayed there a little while and dad put me in the garage on my own, "Oh Boy! was I scared or what, all I could think of was, what is this scary place, I want my mum, I want my mum, and found the door and cried a little bit. After a while this Kid called "Sully" came out to play with me and took me inside to show his mum, his mum wanted to take pictures of me with him, so I decided to show off a little, then it was Jai's turn to have photos with me, after that they put me back out in the big scary garage.

Finally it was time to go home, it took a long time to get there from Aunt Liz's house, it rained all the way. When we first got home mum put me inside the house so Dad could put the trailer out the back, I accidently peed on the carpet,my mum quickly cleaned it up, then I met "Cuddles" the cat. She was a bit upset with me, because she was scared of me, and just arched her back at me and let out 3 giant "meows". Then took off upstairs.

I followed mum upstairs but when it was time to go back down I couldn't do it, as it was high, and I was scared, so I sooked till mum came and carried me down, then she took me out the back to my new playground. I sniffed around for quite a while, leaving my mark by peeing in places (they call this marking your territory).

Mum & Dad then left me for an hour or more, and went to GOLO to buy me some toys, they brought me some plastiic balls and a plastic hotdog all these toys make a squeeking noise when i squeeze them with my teeth. I love my big water bowl and my water bucket, that night I slept on my blanket under the back of the house, I sooked really loud for a while, after which mum and dad decided to put a portable radio on for me, I was happy then because I thought someone or people where their with their with me all the time, the radio station was 2HD in Newcastle, and I particularly liked weeknightss with Graham Gilberts"Talk Tonight" as it was different topics and Sunday nights with "Carter Edwards Country", especially when he played "Slim Dusty" songs as my muum adores his music, and there are lots of Slim Dusty pictures around our house.