30 May 2010

New Layout --- "FISHING"

I have waited so long to do this layout "FISHING", its about Hubby Brett fishing, his love for fishing is like his love for me "FOREVER"..... These photos were taken up at Stockton Beach on Saturday afternoon on 20/3/2010.

Biker Chick

Well Don't think I quite make the cut for a Bikers Chick? LOL LOL

Kosmo & Jaws Updated Photos

My New Toy --- New Computer

Hey Hey
Well Hubby has a new toy, and so do I. I have had it for a few weeks now, and I absolutley love it.
Thats right its an ACER Touchsmart, Its silver it has Windows 7, and all the added extras...

Hubby's New Toy or should it be Hubby's New Bike

Well Well its finally here,

Last sunday hubby and I went to look at a bike that was advertised in the "Local Trader" which is a weekly paper in NSW, it use to be free but now its $2.30 each week, you can advertise in this paper, FREE but only for households not businesses they have to pay.

Hubby has always wanted a cruiser style bike, as he is a big built man, and would just like to ride, not hoon around like some people do......So the cruiser style is what suits him the most, so gone are the road/trail bikes and now to the new cruiser, He did say last night that he would like to save up and by a Harley one day... I am so against bikes cause I can see what they can do to people, but I am going to bite the bullet and have a go with hubby as a pillion passenger. Now this will be interesting, will have to get someone to take photos of us together on the bike...So I will keep you informed as to how I am going with that, and wether or not I like it.

What he has purchased is a Kawasaki VN 800 Vulcan.

boy does she look nice. I will leave you with some pictures I took of it last week when he put down his deposit, I haven't been able to get any new photos as yet, as you all know its been raining here for almost a week now, and at this time he is up in the shed, tinkering with her at this moment...So when he has finished I will get you some updated photos.

Big Post Coming

Just wanted to let you know i will be back later with some updated posts for you all...Updated Photos of Jaws and Kosmo, Hubbys New Motorbike, as well as my latest layout...
See you all Very Soon