03 October 2009

Card Making Class -- Scrappy Chic Scrapbooking

Hey there,
Well yesterday was the 2nd day of my 12 days off work, so while hubby was tinkering if the car, I went down to Scrappy Chic Scrapbooking at Boolaroo NSW, funny thing is i only live 1 street from the Shop, how good is that, and I took a Card Making class with my friend Louise who owns the shop, Thanks so much Louise for having this class while I am on holidays I really appreciate it, well the class was about making Christmas Cards, so here are the pictures of the cards that I made yesterday..Tell me what you think..Comments Please..

Jaws First RoadTrip

Hi There, Jaws Here

Just wanted to let you all know that I went on my first big roadtrip in the car today with Kosmo and Mum and Dad, it seemed like it took forever to get there, but thats because I am only a baby... We went to Nelson Bay which is about 1 hour or so from Newcastle, when we got there we went for a walk on the breakwall, not a long one though cause I was a little frightened, as I am not use to walking on a lead just yet, but give me time and I will...I just followed Kosmo, he lead the way...then we went to visit Nelson Bay Seafoods, we had to wait outside with Mum while Dad went in and brought some fresh fish to cook for dinner...I have to tell you I am a bit of a sook when it comes to the car, rather than be in the back with Kosmo I would rather sit on my mums lap and get cuddled, and that I also have to tell you all I love Kosmo so much, he is my best buddy and friend he shares his kennel with me, Mum and Dad did buy me my own but I would rather sleep with Kosmo LOL LOL, anyway must get going and go find Kosmo and see what he is up to, or find Beaver and chase him around the house, he is a funny kitty cat...
Till Next Time.
Love Jaws

Card Making

Well during the last 2 weeks I have been having a go at making some more cards..Take A Look..Comments please...

01 October 2009

Too Cute!

What do you reckon?
These photos are just too cute hey, he sleeps like this all the time when he is allowed inside and goes to sleep on Bretts or my lap..