29 June 2008

Sat 25-11-06 17 Weeks Old Part 2


I was a little naughty the other day for a few days.when Mum & Dad go to work, i have been chewing on the wires to Uncle Victor's trailer and chewed thru them at the chassis, so my dad had to re-wire it on Monday ight after tea, I can't see to get to it now, looks like he has moved it so I can't get to it.

My dad sleeps in every morning and then comes and says Hello and plays with me for a while before he eats some food (I think it maybe his lunch - as when mum eats at night, he isn't there except on weekends). But I must say around 2.10am every morning, dad says, "Hello Kosmo", when he gets home, its still dark, very dark.

When mum was taking me for a walk today we went thru the bottom of the house to get out to the front to start our walk, I played with cuddles for a couple of minutes. I play rough but don't mean to be rough but I am just a puppy, When I get a bit rough she puts her claws in me and it hurts.

When I come inside I like to sit on the blue lounge, I look like a cool dog says my mum, That's cause I am a cool dog.

Till next time WOOF WOOF

Sat 2511-06 17 Weeks Old Part 1

Long Post Ahead beware

"Here we are again and its Saturday -- another week gone by"

Well its been a mixed week, I have grown more, my tail seems to be getting longer & bigger and I am slowly growing into my paws.

I love those toys I have been talking about in my tales, especially the plastic ones and my ball which I have managed to get inside out and just chew on the orange piece. I am looking forward to the weekend when I get to see Sully, Jai, Aunty Liz and Uncle Victor, Hopefully the boys will come outside and play with me.

During the week my mum came home from work and we have been taking out walk everyday except "Wednesday" as the weather ( well i have never seen anything like this in my 16 weeks on this planet), I was a little frightened as I was home alone as my mum & dad were at work, But I went and got into my kennel and waited for Mum to come home, boy was I glad to see her, It was scary I hope I never have to see weather like that again and there was an awful smell in the air, it was making me feel a little unwell so I made sure I drank plenty of my fresh water.

I haven't been digging much in the dirt this week and my mum and dad are prou of me for not doing it, when I dig my mum has to clean it up with this crazy broom, its blue and she sweeps it back into the garden, I like to chase the broom, As I think it is a toy.

As I was saying before, during the week my mum came home from work, we had a walk and then mum had her dinner, I ate all mine as well, after as well we then went for a swim ( i was a little frightened at first but I had a tiny swim), I like going up into the pool area, when mum and dad are there because i go and get under the trees and the bushes and I like to eat the little orange ball things, I think they are berries from the palm treess, they are a bit hard to chew on but eventually i get there, I don't think I would like to eat to many of them as I think they may make me feel sick.

Cuddles the cat has been annoyingme a lot this week, at the back door, she just thinks she is so cool, she probably is but should not tease me because I will get into trouble for barking at her, she likes to climb up the bacck screen door which is naughty as she may well put a holee in it - dad only just fixed it up on monday afternoon.
***( I will be back with PART 2 of this post shortly) Gotta go take a pee up the back of the shed***