16 January 2009

Blog Award -- Thanks Jodi

This is called The Proximity Award.

"These blogs invest and believe in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming.

These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.

They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement.

Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!
Deliver this award to eight bloggers, who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."
So I now nominate:

A wonderful friend I met on-line..Always supportive and a great mate, and gives me inspiration everyday to continue Scrapbooking, and try new things

She is the furbaby mother of Ben & Teddy and a great lady and Jodi's Mum

She is a great inspiration to me, and a great mother to all her girls

Margie My Cousin:
She is my cousin, and is the best
Thanks for your inspiration and talent ladies....

New Look Lisa -- Hair cut

Well last saturday I went to the hairdresser with every intention of getting a new look at guess what i got a new hair cut...

12 January 2009

Mother and Son

Can anyone remember this hilarious family sitcom that entertained us for years! Ruth Cracknel and Garry McDonald were brilliant as Maggie and Arthur Beare, Henri Szeps was Robert, the brother you love to hate, with Judy Morris as his wife Liz.

Maggie may certainly seem to be losing her momery but she still knows how to enjoy life. Especially when it comes to getting what she wants. Arthur yearns to be free from the responsiblity of caring for Maggie but he's stuck, and Maggie makes the most of it.
We have just been able to get the first 4 Volumes of this great sitcom..

Packed To The Rafters

Hey did anyone watch the first season of this great Aussie Drama, to return to our screens in 2009 for another series...

Sea Patrol

What another great aussie Drama, "Sea Patrol", this will be back on our screens soon with its third season, and guess what my sister inlaw brought me for christmas, yes you got it right "Sea Patrol Series 1", another great Drama on DVD for me to collect.

McLeods Daughters

Well I must say I am very very sad that McLeods Daughters will soon be ending, I have watched this series since the very very first Pilot episode and have been a huge fan ever since. I also own every series of this great Aussie Drama, except for the final series which is airing now on Channel Nine.

Book Lovers "The Crush - Sandra Brown"

I have just finished reading the following book by Sandra Brown, if you like reading a good mystery book then this is the book to read, anything written by Sandra Brown is worth a read.
Sure THE CRUSH begins with a seemingly benign unsigned note --- "I have a crush on you." But when the note accompanies dozens of red roses that have magically appeared in the recipient's house with no signs of how they got there, one should be concerned.Dr. Rennie Newton is. A regimented, highly talented surgeon, she lives an isolated life, with few friends and few contacts beyond those she works with. There's no one in her life who could have possibly sent her the roses. Forewoman for the jury of a newsworthy murder-for-hire case, Rennie's trademark composure and self-assurance in the courtroom compels her jury mates to deliver a not guilty verdict, and, at the same time, unbeknownst to her, has caught the eye of an unwanted admirer.contract killer (excuse me, alleged contract killer) Ricky Lozada.
Lozada is repulsive --- kudos to Brown for creating a slimy, dislikable villain packaged like eye candy. And for throwing in his coveted pets, adding just a bit more of a chill to the story.Five days after the close of the trial, Rennie's colleague is brutally murdered in the hospital parking lot where they worked together. The murder is hallmark Lozada. Could he have done it? And why would he?Enter Wick Threadgill, temporarily retired detective, and Oren Wesley, his former partner, each with a bone to pick with Lozada. Suspecting Rennie is somehow culpable in the murder, the police stake out her house and keep track of her comings and goings.The investigation uncovers the secret past of the good Dr. Newton, surprising everyone, including her persistent suitor and Wick, who is developing a crush of his own. Insinuating himself into every aspect of her life, Lozada, now obsessed, becomes all the more unpredictable and dangerous. Rennie and Wick, wary of each other, are forced to work together to bring him in, or bring him down.

Ice Road Truckers

If you ever get to see this series on Television or Foxtel, watch it because I reckon it takes courage and guts to be able to drive on frozen Lakes and Rivers..Ice Road Truckers, Hugh, Rick, Drew, Alex and Eric..The picture is of Hugh

Old Friends

On Tuesday 6th January 2009, I went to see an old friend of mine we have been friends since High School, but because of our very busy lifes, we don't get to see each other very often, we do speak via email every week or via the telephone every other time. My friends name when we were going to school believe it or not and her maiden name is Leisa Ashman, but she married 11yrs ago and became Leisa Lewis. Its quite mind boggling that their can be to Lisa Ashman's out there for a while. We quite often joke that I am the fake Lisa Ashman, because she was an Ashman before I got married to Brett, and its funny because Bretts family and Leisas family are in no way related.