05 April 2011

Look at my Boys

These are probably the only photos I have ever gotten of the boys when they are both looking at the camera....Yes it would have to be a first....and will always be a first...

Flowers -- A gift from a friend

I want to say a big thank you to June Burrows and Karen Grew whom I work closely with everyday, you have been there for me while mum has been sick and other things that have been happening, thanks so much for the lovely flowers you both have brought me, it means a lot to me.

A Little Getaway --- "Manning Point"

On the weekend of the 18th of March, here in Newcastle was a Public Holiday on the Friday, and with everything that has been going on in our lives this last couple of months, Brett and I decided to go away for one day and night.

It was great, we went to Manning Point, we stayed in a cabin in the Ocean Caravan Park, we went fishing, we went to the club for dinner, lovely food I must say, even won a raffle prize in their Friday night raffle, I even managed to talk him in to taking me to Taree to check out the local Scrapbooking Shop called "Scrap Awhile", i brought a couple of little supplies. We came home again on the Saturday morning. It was nice to get away and I think we both needed it.

Approaching Storm

The other afternoon when I was on the way home from work, we had a very unsettled storm approaching off the coast, and like the other thousand people who decided to stop and take pictures of it, I certainly did, these pics arent the best as they were taken with my mobile phone.

Book Review --- "Beyond the Wave - A Tsunami Survivor's Story" - By Trisha Broadbridge

This book I really enjoyed it has a lot of heartache, but it comes straight from the heart of the author who will be affected by this for the rest of her life.

Who could imagine a more romantic spot for a honeymoon than the stunning Thai island of Phi Phi?

When newlyweds Trisha and AFL footballer Troy Broadbridge stepped onto the beach on the morning of 26 December 2004, their world seemed perfect, MOMENTS later, they were engulfed by the deadly tsunami and Troy, along with thousands of others in the region, was swept to his death, Trisha miraculously survived.

I would recommend this book to everyone to read, Happy Reading

ISBN: 1-74114-806-5

03 April 2011

Latest Kosmo Photo

Look at my boy, he just loves to perform for the camera, NOT, but he doesn't mind having his photo taken.