21 March 2009

Book Review -- "ENVY" by Sandra Brown

If you like reading then the following Book Review is for you: I love Sandra Brown as an Author she is a very talented lady. So heres one for you all to enjoy reading:


Maris Matherly-Reed is one of New York’s most respected editors and Matherly Press is very much a family concern. Her father owns the company, her husband is President and Publisher. Maris herself is an Executive Vice-President but sthe still enjoys the thrill of finding and nurturing new talent, ENVY, the story of a destructive jealous rivalry and revenge between two friends that leads to murder, is one of the most exciting finds that Maris has come across in recent years.
Intrigued enough by the opening chapter to offer a contract, she finds herself longing to meet the mysterious PME, Parker Evans is not what she expected at all. Confined to a wheelchair and obsessively protective of his privacy, he is, however, happy to work with his new editor to finish his book. But as Maris confronts the knowledge that her seemingly perfect husband is having an affair, she finds herself falling under Parker’s brooding spell. But like most first novels, there is more than a little of Parker’s own story in ENVY. And his plans to extend far beyond literary success…

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