22 August 2009

Day Trip -- Harrington, Crowdy Head, Cape Hawk,Foster/Tuncurry

2 weeks ago Hubby Kosmo and I took a day trip in our new 4WD, to give it a bit of a test. We went up as far as Harrington, including going out to Crowdy Head Lighthouse as well, this is on the Mid North Coast its near Taree but on the coast, and came back thru Forster/Tuncurry and all the small towns on the Lakes Way back to Buladelah (i think this is not the right spelling) then home.
It was a great day stopping at little beaches on the way down, took some photos and even went to Cape Hawk at Foster and walked out on a ledge on the cliff to take some photos, well I didn't realise I was scared of heights till this day, my legs turned to jelly when I went out on the platform to take some photos.. I will leave you with a photo of the Crowdy Head Lighthouse

19 August 2009

Bretts 41st Birthday

Well today its my Hubbys 41st Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Brett

Happy Birthday to you

Lots of Love Always: Lisa, Kosmo & Beaver xoxoxo

Secret Scrapbooking Project

I recently started doing a Secret Scrapbooking Project.

Well I have finished and delivered it to its new rightful owner. As I told you in an early post I got a promotion at work, and it was all because of my boss "NEALE BIDNER", so I wanted to thank him for all he had done for me during the last 2yrs being my boss and working in his department, so with the help of his sister ROSALIE, who was able to provide me with some pictures to use, my boss is 49yrs old, the pictures I used for this project are from back in 1972 when he was the school captain of Morpeth Public School, and a few others of him when he was older and younger, and one of when he was just a baby.

So here are the pictures I took of my finished project before I gave it too him. Tell me what you think...He absolutely loved it...