10 April 2009


Hey there,

Well here we are at Week 11 of my weight loss, something was telling me this week to go to the Chemist and weigh-in even though weigh-in isn't till next week being Week 12.

So on Wednesday at lunch time 12.30pm I was with a male work colleague and we were going for our daily walk that we do at lunch time every day he works for 10mins, I said to him I need to go to the chemist and weigh-in, as I have have had a feeling all week telling me to do it, so I did and got the best news, in the last 2 weeks since I weighed in at week 9 I have lost 1kg in 2 weeks, which means I have now lost 6.3kgs, which means I have lost a stone in weight in 11 weeks. I was ecstatic as you can imagine.

Well that is now 6.3kgs never to return. I have been getting up at 6.00am every morning and going for my daily walk due to daylight savings ending here in New South Wales.

As last night was late night shopping being a Thursday night,

we went to Big W and brought a "Action Fitness Treadmill T10", WOOHOO which now means I can walk at anytime of the day wether its rain, hail or shine.. I got on the treadmill last night at 9.00pm for 20mins and I walked 1.07klms at 3.5klm p/h, and again this morning for 25mins and I walked 1.57 klms at 4.0klm p/h.

09 April 2009

Slack Blogger - WEEK 10 -- Diet Update

Hey there
Yes I know I have been a slack blogger.

Been busy with work and walking everyday, as you know daylight savings ended here on Sunday morning at 3.00am, so now I get up at 6.00am and go for my walk in the morning.

By the way I posted last week that my nephew Sully had broken his leg again, well it seems he hasn't broken his leg again (which is good --but come on drs make up your mind, one minute its broken the next its not).

Anyway I will update again in a few days with WEEK 11 of my diet as I have some exciting news for you all, Jodi You know what I am going to tell everyone.

Well I will leave you all now if Week 10 photograph update of me.