15 November 2008

Christmas Layout

Hey there

This is Mum's first ever Christmas Layout, I think it looks great, and she is getting better at her Scrapbooking... She has lots of other layouts to complete now....She did a little album of Beaver and myself this morning, she will put up some photos of it later....She was asked to do it for her local Scrapbooking shop " ScrappyChic Scrapbooking", a big thank you to Louise for giving my Mum the chance to show off her talents...


Well as we all know Christmas is fast approaching once again, about 5 weeks and we all get to eat Pork and Ham I like it because i get to eat the Pork Bone. For a little while this morning my Mum has been chasing me around trying to get a photo with me with my ears on, here is how she went so far, maybe she will try again tomorrow for more photos...

Hello to my friends Ted & Benny

Hey there my friends,

Your mum put on her blog that you had your first beer the other afternoon, I get to have one every now and then too, but yesterday here it was 32 degrees and really really hot, so Dad got a couple of beers on his way home from work, and Mum got a couple of Bourbons... Whilst Dad was having his beer he gave me some, he even put it in my own glass that I have for when I want a drink of beer...
Ted & Benny next time I am in Gunnedah I will pop in and say hello but be warned I will have my brother Beaver the kitty cat with me as well, he likes to play with dogs especially their tails..Make sure your Mum reads older posts on here and especially the story of Kosmo and Beavers Adventure that is a brilliant one.. Hey maybe when we all get together we could have a couple of beers and we could also invite Solo and your Aunt Jodi's cat as well, the more the better the party.

That Cat!!!

Well as you can see Beaver has been at it again, posing for Mum's camera, and playing up to Mum, he sleeps on mum and dad's bed everyday when they are at work, or should i just say every chance he gets...So here are some photos for you too see of him having a stretch...

09 November 2008


Mum has been busy doing a few Scrapbooking Layouts of late, boy does she spend lots of money on Scrapbooking or what..every week she is buying something new, so I would hate to see her stash of supplies....

Beaver and I like to sit at her feet when she is doing it.. Take a look at a couple of her latest creations...

An Updated Pic of "Beaver"

Here is an updated picture of "Beaver", this is so Beaver everyday, he has a good life of eating, playing and sleeping all day.

He loves sleeping on Mums chair when she is at the computer...I think Beaver thinks he is special, he is special to my Mum and Dad, but listen to me "Beaver", there is no one as special as me, you got it, OK then maybe I am being a little naughty here...But I love you just as much as Mum and Dad...

A New Toy for Mum

Geez my Dad really spoils Mum lots, and he brought her one of these:

Sunbeam Cornelius Popcorn Maker[CP4500]

Destined to delight kids and adults alike Cornelius produces fresh healthy popcorn in a matter of minutes. Simply added kernals and watch your corn pop.

* Unique in-built safety switch

* Non-slip rubber feet

* Cool-touch exterior body

* Butter and measuring scoop provided

* Easy-clean wipe down exterior

Time for Updated Pics

Hey there,
Its about time my Mum updated my pics because this is my blog....Before she updates the pics, she has some fantastic news to share with you all... On Friday night Mum was online with some of her scrapbooking friends and she won a RAK..Way to go Mum..and thanks to Jodi for blogging about it on her blog as well.

Yesterday afternoon before my Mum's mum (I call her Nanny) LOL, came over for a bbq, Mum took me out the front onto the grass at the side of the house and we had a mini photo shoot, if thats what you call it...(Mum telling me what to do, Like Sit here , Sit There, Lay etc)......Then it started to rain so we had to come back inside, but I have seen some of the photos that Mum has taken and they ain't bad for an amateur photographer.

I look forward to seeing what your comments are about these photos of me, I am just cute, you would have to agree with me wouldn't you all.