15 November 2008

Hello to my friends Ted & Benny

Hey there my friends,

Your mum put on her blog that you had your first beer the other afternoon, I get to have one every now and then too, but yesterday here it was 32 degrees and really really hot, so Dad got a couple of beers on his way home from work, and Mum got a couple of Bourbons... Whilst Dad was having his beer he gave me some, he even put it in my own glass that I have for when I want a drink of beer...
Ted & Benny next time I am in Gunnedah I will pop in and say hello but be warned I will have my brother Beaver the kitty cat with me as well, he likes to play with dogs especially their tails..Make sure your Mum reads older posts on here and especially the story of Kosmo and Beavers Adventure that is a brilliant one.. Hey maybe when we all get together we could have a couple of beers and we could also invite Solo and your Aunt Jodi's cat as well, the more the better the party.

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Margaret said...

Hi Kosmo, My Mum just read your Mum's profile. Quite interesting as Mum enjoys cross stitching. She is doing a piece now for her grandson's 18th birthday present. It's an X Box controller with the writing, cross stitched, "HOME IS WHERE", then a cross stitched control box, and "IS" underneath that. One of her favourite movies is, Legends of the Fall and also Meet Joe Black.
She loves Country music. Her sister was quite famous some years back for her yodelling and singing. She recorded several songs. her first being, Yodelling Girl. She was 10 at the time. She is also in THE HANDS OF FAME at Tamworth. Her name is Jacqueline Hall. She is 67 now.
Just thought you may like to let your Mum know these things. Okay pal, I better go now and help Mum do something, like let her know, it's brekky time.