09 November 2008

Time for Updated Pics

Hey there,
Its about time my Mum updated my pics because this is my blog....Before she updates the pics, she has some fantastic news to share with you all... On Friday night Mum was online with some of her scrapbooking friends and she won a RAK..Way to go Mum..and thanks to Jodi for blogging about it on her blog as well.

Yesterday afternoon before my Mum's mum (I call her Nanny) LOL, came over for a bbq, Mum took me out the front onto the grass at the side of the house and we had a mini photo shoot, if thats what you call it...(Mum telling me what to do, Like Sit here , Sit There, Lay etc)......Then it started to rain so we had to come back inside, but I have seen some of the photos that Mum has taken and they ain't bad for an amateur photographer.

I look forward to seeing what your comments are about these photos of me, I am just cute, you would have to agree with me wouldn't you all.

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