29 October 2008

Jodi's New Fur Baby

Hey there,

Mums friend Jodi, brought her daughter a new fur baby, Yes its a horse and he is a good looking and furry one.
Hey Jodi, maybe Beaver and I could come up and play with Solo in his paddock.. It would be so much fun....
Here is a picture of Solo...
If you would like to read more stories about Solo you can visit Jodi's blog at http://jodis-sraphaven.blogspot.com/


Hey there, Mum went to see Dakota on Friday night after work...She is growing up so quick, I can't believe she is now almost 15mths old, and she is walking and has been now for a few weeks.. She is just beautiful, she is Mum's little adopted girl... Mum took some updated pics of her, she was a big grubby as she was eating her dinner...

Spoilt Pussy Cat

Well check out these photos that Mum took of "Beaver" on the weekend, sleeping on Mum and Dad's bed. That's what I call one spoilt Kitty Cat.. The weather here is so unpredicable at the moment one day its really really hot and the next its freezing cold and windy and raining.