26 September 2010

Day Trip to "Golbourn"

Recently Brett and I did a Road Trip to Golbourn for the day. We actually went there to purchase a motorbike, and whilst we were there we did the touristy thing ourselves, we visited the Big Merino.....( now I have lots of photos to scrap - must have taken a million and one), going down it was really cold as we left here at 4.30am, we had breakfast when we got there at Subway, then did the touristy thing and started on our way back via Sydney...

My Mum

Well I don't often blog about my Mum, but maybe I should, She and my stepdad Ron recently went on a holiday to visit my stepbrother James for 5 days and did the touristy thing, they went to Queensland, they went to Sea World and also Australia Zoo, here is a picture of my Mum outside Australia Zoo, she said she had a great time and wants to do it again.....She brought me back some little goodies as well, I got a keyring from Sea World as well as a Green Crocodile from Australia Zoo.....

Welcome to the World -- " Eli John Lewis"

To cut a long story short, my best friend throughout High School was "Leisa Ashman", yes I know, well funnily enough we aren't related in anyway, well she married a lovely man named "Sean Lewis" they have 3 beautiful Children now, Shania, Jacob & Caleb and on 2nd September 2010 @ 2.24am they welcomed to their family child number 4 "Eli John" weighing 8lb 8oz, and and 55cm long.

Welcome to the world "Eli", may your world be filled with love and lots of cuddles and happiness, I have lots of stories to tell you as you get older about your mum....

Ice Road Truckers -- The Series

Well my hubby and myself loved this series when we had Foxtel and also when it was on normal television, the 4th season is about to begin overseas very shortly, I take my hat off to these people that drive these roads, as they are very very dangerous, but I wouldn't mind having a go myself.. We are both friends on Facebook with a couple of them. So recently we brought the first 2 Seasons of them, now to find Season 3.

Book Review -- My Steve -- Terri Irwin

I have recently read a book Terri Irwin wrote about her late husband Steve, this is a very emotional book, and I believe everyone should read this:

Uplifting, humorous and heartbreaking Terri's moving account is a non-stop adventure, a love story and most of all a fitting and inspiring tribute to a man adored and missed around the world.

Rest In Peace Steve Irwin, no one will ever forget you...