26 June 2010

Double Layout -- "Night At The Trots"

A little while ago Brett and I went to the Newcastle Paceway otherwise known as "Newcastle Harness Racing Club" with my work, a few of my work colleagues , including the boss, as well as some clients from work, It was a great night, we even had a fantastic meal and some drinks as well.

At work I am involved in a yearly project called "Pink Pages Business Directory", we do an edition for the Maitland, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens areas, it takes me 6 mths to get all 3 editions out into the public. On the evening there was a race named after the Pink Pages called "The Herald Pink Pages Pace", in which I got to start the race in the back of the starters car, as well as present the winner of the race a horse called "Nobbys Beach Boy", ( how appropriate seeing our number 1 beach in Newcastle is called "Nobbys Beach").

It was a great experience and I am very proud to have been able to start the race and present the winning horse with the trophy, we even had our photo taken with the winning horse, rider and trainer, I was given a copy of this photo by the Harness Racing Club as well, which I have framed and sitting beside our television. So this layout is all about our evening.

Another New Layout -- Jaws

This layout is about the baby of our family, "Jaws", he is now almost 14mths old...

I completed this layout last night at the crop night I went to ,the only thing I had to do at home was do the letters of his name with my Cricut Machine.

25 June 2010

NEW Bella! Page Making Kit -- Cheeky Boy Layout

I recently brought this Page Making Kit from the Reject Shop, and I thought I would give it ago, using the Kit and stuff from my Stash. ( The reason I am only just blogging about this now is that i put it in for Submission and didn't make it).

NEW Bella! Page Making Kit

(Paper and Embellishment Kit for Scrapbooking and paper crafts).
This is all Acid Free.
This Kit contained the following:
5 patterned papers
23 Die-cuts ( I used only some of these)
4 Buttons
0.5 metres of Ribbon
0.5 metres of Ric-Rac ( I didn't use this at all)

From my Stash I used the following:
Chipboard Letters - (Painted with Kaisercraft Red Paint)
a few extra Buttons

22 June 2010

Book Review -- Hush, Little Baby -- Katharine Davies.

I must say I finished reading this book today while I was waiting at the Dr's surgery.. It was a bit of an emotional book for me, but I did enjoy reading it..

HUSH, LITTLE BABY -- Katharine Davies
ISBN: 978-0-099-49834-6
What happens when you become responsible for a life that isn't yours?

Eira is alone. Thirty-six years old and living on her own. She loved Jack, but their relationship had to end - she could never have a baby with an alcoholic. Now she works in a museum, in the middle of a park, and aches for someone to love. And then one Spring morning, she finds a baby in a box on the museum steps.

Haunting, heart-rending, and beautifully evocative, Hush, Little Baby is a story of love and youth, longing and age, and one woman's visceral need to be a mother.