22 June 2010

Book Review -- Hush, Little Baby -- Katharine Davies.

I must say I finished reading this book today while I was waiting at the Dr's surgery.. It was a bit of an emotional book for me, but I did enjoy reading it..

HUSH, LITTLE BABY -- Katharine Davies
ISBN: 978-0-099-49834-6
What happens when you become responsible for a life that isn't yours?

Eira is alone. Thirty-six years old and living on her own. She loved Jack, but their relationship had to end - she could never have a baby with an alcoholic. Now she works in a museum, in the middle of a park, and aches for someone to love. And then one Spring morning, she finds a baby in a box on the museum steps.

Haunting, heart-rending, and beautifully evocative, Hush, Little Baby is a story of love and youth, longing and age, and one woman's visceral need to be a mother.

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Jackie / Kate said...

sounds like a great book - I soooo have to get into reading again !