19 April 2009

Week 12 -The Diet

Hi Everyone,
Week 12 is here already, it doesn't seem like I have been doing the diet and walking for 12 weeks now, but Week 12 has been and gone.

I have been walking on the treadmill now for 11 days, and am walking for 1/2 hour everyday at 4.5kph and 2.2klms in that 1/2 hour, its great cause I can walk wether its Raining or Hailing or the sun is still shining.
I have had my haircut, cause its been 6 weeks since I last had it cut, and I have had it dyed a red colour, will take some pictures during the week.

This week was a short week for work as Monday was a public holiday (easter Monday). I am busy at the moment working on a project..

Just a quick note to let you all know that my friend "JODI", left me the most beautiful and wonderful words on my blog, and I believe every word she said, and its true Jodi, you have come into my life for a reason, and that is to help me on my personal journey...As I am helping you on your own personal journey.

Here is my weekly photo update, it was taken by hubby infront of the curtains in our loungeroom.