30 January 2010

Look Who Came to Visit Us Last Weekend

WOW look who came to visit us last weekend, and again on Thursday during my lunch hour at work, you got it Little Miss Jasmine and her Mum, I was able to get lots and lots of new pictures of her, wow hasn't she grown since I had seen her when she was born on the 3rd December 2009, On Thursday she was 8 weeks old, she is just the cutest little thing..It makes me feel old as I knew her mum way back when she was this age, and now she is 18yrs old.

WOOHOO i can finally scrap a baby girl layout..

Latest Cards

Well, these are my latest cards, I haven't been able to post them till now as I had them sent away for Publishing, by one of the cardmaking magazines, unfortunatley we didn't make the cut this time, but they have asked for some of my future work to be sent to them to view..WOOHOO i am feeling pretty good about this, as I never thought I would be this good, but I suppose I ain't yet as I havent been published.

26 January 2010


Hello fellow blog followers Beaver here,

Just letting you all know that I am still alive, not much has been happening of late, but when Mum and Dad went away for a few days at Christmas, I had so much fun, sleeping on their bed, up and down to the windows, checking out the miner birds (Humans call them pests), but I reckon they are great fun, especially when they fly straight into the window trying to get them, they must get huge headaches, I also went to the backdoor a few times, and teased Kosmo and Jaws and clawed the screen (naughty cat I am LOL).

Every morning when Mum and Dad get up I have learnt that if I sit near my bowl, and just meow, meow and meow, which I think drives mum and dad nuts, they will get my biscuits for me, just ask mum and dad and they will tell you that I am the most fussy eater there is.

I am also loving laying on top of the wii fit balance board, they say i am doing my yoga LOL LOL. A couple of weeks ago now Mum got me an empty box to play with boy was that fun. I love playing with Jaws, because we chase each other around the house, and Kosmo he is just cool as, he is my big brother, he likes to nudge me and lick me.

Anyway till next time

Meow Meow Meow

Beaver xoxoxo

JAWS HERE-- 8mths old and Growing

Hi There

Jaws here, incase you don't already know, I too am scared of storms and thunder, lightning etc.

Today during the storm, I was asleep on the lounge, and was woken by a massive clap of thunder, and ran straight up and jumped up and sat in my mum's arms, I was shaking lots and had my ears pricked back.

I must tell you all about last week, about my mess that I made out the back, I decided to play with sticks, rocks, my toyus and bits of timber, everything that I played with I chewed on too, and when I was finished with it, I brought and put on the back step at the backdoor, so by Saturday my mum actually had a big mess to clean up...LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
Lots of Love
Jaws xoxoxo


Hi There

I am not sure if you know but I am a bit of a woos when it comes to storms, today we had a few thunderstorms here, with lots of heavy heavy rain and thunder and lightning, the storm must have been above our house at one time, and boom a big clap of thunder and yes I went and hid under Mum's chair, as well as jumped on Dad, he gave me cuddles and reassured me that it was ok and that it wouldn't hurt me, the lightning was pretty bad. Anyway here are some updated photos of me.

Lots of Love
KOSMO xoxo


Hello There everyone,

Kosmo, Jaws and Beaver here, we have decided to take over Mum's Blog for the next couple of posts and talk to you all and give you a bit of an update on ourselves.

Book Review - "SECRETS"-- Jude Deveraux

At age twelve, Cassandra Madden fell in love with Jefferson Ames, a young man she met at one of her mother's business conferences. Over the years during periods of loneliness and struggle, Cassandra held on to this unrequited love in order to cope with her isolated heart and the pain of a cold mother. Even when Cassandra grew up, went off to college, and met a man she thought she'd marry, her heart yearned for Jefferson Ames. In a decisice moment, she breaks off her pending engagement and travels to Williamsburg, Virginnia, where the now - widowed Jeff lives with his young daughter.. Cassandra becomes the child's nanny, but even though she sees the object of her desire every day, Jeff has yet to even notice her.

Then, one day, she hears shots coming from the mansion of Althea Fairmont, an eccentric woman who is thought of as the world's greatest living actress. Cassie runs to investigate and, in an instant, her safe little life is turned upside down. She begins to learn that all the people around her aren't who they claim to be. Everyone has secrets - and until Cassie unravels those secrets, she and Jeff will never have a chance to be happy together.

I have immensely enjoyed reading this book, and if anyone would like to read it please feel free to email and I will send it to you at no cost...Once I started reading this book I just couldn't put it down.

25 January 2010

Look Who Is Growing Up -- Jaws

Well look who is growing up fast, thats right none other than "JAWS", he is at the stage where he is doing all the quirky things that Puppies do, he is now 8mths old, and it was one of the best things we could have done was bringing him into our little family.....As you can see by the bottom 2 photos, he was sitting there getting ready for Beaver to come along so he could pounce on him, its funny watching them play, especially when you see Beaver chasing Jaws, its very funny, and then when Kosmo decides to get in on the act its even funnier, watching them play with Beaver.

New Books To Read

Hi There

I know its been awhile since I have posted, well time just flys when your working and having fun, I have so much to blog about and update you all, so here is the first of many updates.

Whilst we were in Melbourne at Christmas time we went to a place called DIRT CHEAP BOOKS, boy oh boy this place was full of books, I reckon you could find anything in there, so I brought 4 different books to read... I promise to do a book review for you all as I read each one....