26 January 2010


Hello fellow blog followers Beaver here,

Just letting you all know that I am still alive, not much has been happening of late, but when Mum and Dad went away for a few days at Christmas, I had so much fun, sleeping on their bed, up and down to the windows, checking out the miner birds (Humans call them pests), but I reckon they are great fun, especially when they fly straight into the window trying to get them, they must get huge headaches, I also went to the backdoor a few times, and teased Kosmo and Jaws and clawed the screen (naughty cat I am LOL).

Every morning when Mum and Dad get up I have learnt that if I sit near my bowl, and just meow, meow and meow, which I think drives mum and dad nuts, they will get my biscuits for me, just ask mum and dad and they will tell you that I am the most fussy eater there is.

I am also loving laying on top of the wii fit balance board, they say i am doing my yoga LOL LOL. A couple of weeks ago now Mum got me an empty box to play with boy was that fun. I love playing with Jaws, because we chase each other around the house, and Kosmo he is just cool as, he is my big brother, he likes to nudge me and lick me.

Anyway till next time

Meow Meow Meow

Beaver xoxoxo

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