26 January 2010

JAWS HERE-- 8mths old and Growing

Hi There

Jaws here, incase you don't already know, I too am scared of storms and thunder, lightning etc.

Today during the storm, I was asleep on the lounge, and was woken by a massive clap of thunder, and ran straight up and jumped up and sat in my mum's arms, I was shaking lots and had my ears pricked back.

I must tell you all about last week, about my mess that I made out the back, I decided to play with sticks, rocks, my toyus and bits of timber, everything that I played with I chewed on too, and when I was finished with it, I brought and put on the back step at the backdoor, so by Saturday my mum actually had a big mess to clean up...LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
Lots of Love
Jaws xoxoxo

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