21 February 2009

Check This Cat out

Well I couldn't find Beaver anywhere, i even looked in the cupboards LOL, as when i call him he usually comes out straight away from wherever it is that he is hiding, well the last place I look was in our bedroom, and check this out, guess where he was, on our bed laying with the dolphins on the blanket, you could imagine if he ever seen a real one he would probably want to eat it LOL LOL.

Another Layout

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Well today mum was mucking around with her camera again, and was doing some happy snapping of us once again, Take a look at these latest photos of us.
Love Kosmo & Beaver XOXO

Uncle Reese & Aunty Rhonda

Well Wednesday was a sad day for me because it was the day my Uncle Reese and Aunty Rhonda left to go back to Melbourne, Its been great having them here and finally getting to know them, I wish Melbourne wasn't so far away, but its only 1 1/2 hours by plane or even only 12hrs by Car, I have already been looking for some cheap flights to go down there for a few days, I will probably have to go down by myself this first time as Brett can't get anytime off for a couple of months.

I couldn't help myself yesterday, just after lunch I rang my Uncle and Aunt to see where they were in their travels and they were about 100klms out of Melbourne, they were just dropping off to see my cousin Darlene on their way home, and he promised to call me when they got home, at 5.40pm we received a call to say they had arrived home safe about 1/2hr ago, then after tea I rang them to let them know that I got their message.

Another Blog Award

Here are the steps:

Say one nice thing to the man in your life.
Hmmmm, thanks for putting up with my mood swings and loving not just me but the animals as well.

Next list at least 6 ways you measure success in your life.
Happiness in my marriage, health, my Animals happiness and health, having great friends, enjoying life, having enjoyable work.

Now the tough part is to choose 5 bloggers which you think "Measure Up".

Because she is is one of the most inspirational women I know, and I am glad she is my friend

For the lovely comments she leaves on my blog for my furbabies
Kerry M
A lovely lady, and is an award winning Scrapbooker

Kate Mason
Cause she is a super Mum, How do you do it?

She is Jodi's Mum and a lovely lady and also a mother to her furbabies
I hope you all enjoy this lovely award

19 February 2009

Weekly Photo Update 19.02.09

Hey there,
Well its been another week since I updated my photo..2 more weeks to go till weigh-in day again. So can anyone see a difference this week.

15 February 2009

Happy Birthday Beaver

Hey there it was Beavers 1st Birthday yesterday, he is a Valentine's Day Kitty Cat

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Beaver
Happy Birthday to you
Lots of Love Mum, Dad and your big furry brother Kosmo