24 April 2010

Beaver Updated Photos

Check out this fella, growing by the day.

This is our space cat LOL LOL

Guess Who is Having a Birthday in 3 weeks

Yes you got it right this little fella is having his 1st Birthday 3 weeks from today, and just look at how much he has grown up.. Still does all the little puppy quirky things, loves chasing Beaver around the house, as much as Beaver chases Jaws around the house LOL LOL. Jaws you have been part of our family now for 7mths and fit in so well, even though we think sometimes that you think Kosmo is your mother LOL LOL..We love you lots...

20 April 2010

Latest Layout

This layout is about my nephews and I have called it "BROTHERS".
I just love this paper, and the embelishment of the stars which I painted black and then outlined them in white.
As you can see I have taken 2 photos of this layout, so blog readers out there please tell me what you think of it? I actually like it.

Not Feeling Well

Hey there,
The Last few days for me have pretty much been not good, I have been just laying around not doing much and feeling very unordinary, I went to the Dr on Friday to be told that my blood pressure was thru the roof once again, and she gave me a strong blood pressure tablet to take with an additive in it. I had been getting a feeling like my head is going to explode for a while now, and thought nothing of it, anyway on Sunday after going for our walk, I told Brett I wasn't feeling real well, and felt like I was up in the clouds with the pixies. So I came home and rested for the rest of the day, upon waking yesterday morning I was still unwell so I rang the after hours doctors advice line and was told to get myself up to the nearest hospital, so off I went, and yes you guessed it the blood pressure is up yet again, so I spent almost 5hrs there, getting blood test after test after scans, then they gave me some fluids as well as pain relieft, so here I am now still at home, I may return to work on Thursday, as I have to wait for the heavy headness to pass, which will mean the new medication has kicked in.