20 April 2010

Not Feeling Well

Hey there,
The Last few days for me have pretty much been not good, I have been just laying around not doing much and feeling very unordinary, I went to the Dr on Friday to be told that my blood pressure was thru the roof once again, and she gave me a strong blood pressure tablet to take with an additive in it. I had been getting a feeling like my head is going to explode for a while now, and thought nothing of it, anyway on Sunday after going for our walk, I told Brett I wasn't feeling real well, and felt like I was up in the clouds with the pixies. So I came home and rested for the rest of the day, upon waking yesterday morning I was still unwell so I rang the after hours doctors advice line and was told to get myself up to the nearest hospital, so off I went, and yes you guessed it the blood pressure is up yet again, so I spent almost 5hrs there, getting blood test after test after scans, then they gave me some fluids as well as pain relieft, so here I am now still at home, I may return to work on Thursday, as I have to wait for the heavy headness to pass, which will mean the new medication has kicked in.

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