14 February 2009

What do you think?

Hey what do you think of this photo of Kosmo?

This was taken at Christmas when we were at Manning Poing, we were in the car at the beach, I wonder what he was thinking.

Family Dinner at Pippis at the Point -- Speers Point

Well last night, Brett and I had arranged a family dinner for 7 people at Pippis at The Point at Speers Point, its about a 5min drive from where we live.

The people who attended this dinner where my Mum and Stepdad, Stepbrother James, Uncle Reese and Aunty Rhonda, Brett and I.

We all had a fantastic time, My Uncle Reese is from Melbourne and has been since the 5th February, so we have been doing some catching up, and he is going home on Wednesday of this week, I am going to miss him and Aunty Rhonda terribly when they go home. I took some pictures of last night to share with you all.

12 February 2009

3 Week Weigh-in Update --- 1.7kgs loss

Ok, Its been 3 weeks since I started on my Diet and walking everyday for 20 minutes, and also 3 weeks since I started at my start weight of 123.9kgs.
Well today I went to the Chemist and got weighed by the lady for the first time since I started, and yes I was stoked with what the scales said 122.2kgs, which means i have lost a total of 1.7kgs so now I have 18.3kgs left to go to get down to goal.

So I am so proud of myself, and you wouldn't guess who the first person I called after telling my husband was, of course it was JODI.

When I got home hubby took an updated photo of me for you all to look at, I wonder if anyone can see any difference in the photo.

Animal Update

Well nothing new has happened with the animals, other than they are as beautiful as ever, Beaver has taken to sleeping with Brett & I of a night, curled up in a ball, purring like a roaring train.. And Kosmo he is just as loveable as the day we got him.