07 June 2009

WEIGH -IN DAY ---- Woohoo I finally have done it

Hey Weighed-in this morning at 8.40am and guess what WOOHOO I finally have made my first milestone in my weight loss journey, and its personal goal number 1: Get down to 113.9kg well I am officially there actually down to 113.5kgs... Thats 10.4kgs gone now and never to be seen again...I will post some updated pics later on today sometime....I will even take a photo of the receipt the scales prints out for me every 2 weeks, hubby has lost another couple of hundred grams, I am so proud of him....But even more prouder of myself, Thanks to my friends and family for their support and big big kisses and hugs and thanks to my friend JODI, I couldn't have done this without you...
Next goal is to get down to 100kgs so that is another 13.5 kgs to go I know I can do this.....This 10.4kgs has taken me 4mths and 2 weeks, so I reckon I can do this before Christmas, I hope you will all join me and read my blog thru my next stage of my journey...Gotta go heaps to do, started scrapping some layouts last night...Be Back Later