07 November 2008


Hi there,

Well what has everybody been up to this week? Me well just playing in the backyard, sneaking inside with mum and dad of a night for a few hours before they go to bed and chasing Beaver around the house.

Mum and Dad have been working as usual. I will get mum to update the blog further later on, she has been up to her usual tricks of late again, she has been jotting down on a notepad a little story about Beaver and I visiting the Melbourne Cup, well she never ceases to amaze me with her imagination, can't wait to hear the story.... As you can see by this picture Beaver has been up on the computer desk yet again being spoilt.

02 November 2008


Well would you take a look at this photo of Beaver, he is asleep, I think he thinks he is a human, sleeping on his side with his paws out to the side...Well I reckon he is pretty spoilt like me... On the weekends he loves to sleep on Mum and Dad's pillows, and all he does is purr purr purr...I am a bit big myself to sleep inside....I would rather just hang out with mum and Dad in the loungeroom and sleep on the lounge....

Look What We Found!!

Hey there, Beaver and I were helping Mum clean up in the front room yesterday and we found this interesting photo of our Mum when she was a little girl.

Back then she had blonde hair and a cute smile.

She still has the cute smile but not the blonde hair..

Tell us what you think of this picture.