17 April 2010

Latest Project -- "Mia Jane" Wings Album

Well this is my latest off-the-page Project, using the latest papers.
I have made this album for a gentleman i work with, him and his wife back in December last year, had their first baby, a pretty little girl called "Mia Jane". I have taken photos of the finished product, but am unable to share them with you, as they are not my family, so I have taken a few of the front cover of the album.

So this is for Jason & Nicole, I hope you like it..

11 April 2010

What a Difference 24/4/2005 till Yesterday 10/4/2010

What a difference 5yrs makes, As you can see by these photos, one was taken on 24/4/2005 and the other was taken yesterday 10/4/2010.. These boys are certainly growing up very quickly, before we know it they will be married and have their own families LOL.