04 December 2008

Dakota's 1st Birthday Book

More Scrapbooking Pictures

More Photos

More Photos

More Photos

Mum has been spending some time of late going thru her old photo disks and has managed to find these ones as well..

Scrapbook Layouts

Take a look at these layouts Mum has completed.. I think she is getting pretty clever in her old age LOL LOL...

Kosmo Photos

Well mum was going thru some disks full of photos and she came across these of me...What do you think?

30 November 2008


We just wanted to say a very very BIG THANK YOU to our Mum's friend "JODI", you are the best.

We love the layout you did for our mum as a surprise, and we loved the way that you addressed the address label on the packaging.. "Mother of Kosmo & Beaver".

We all will treasure your friendship for life..

A Special Little Girl - Happy Birthday

Yesterday was a very special little girls birthday --- Imogen we hope you had a very special and happy day, and enjoyed your party.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Imogen
Happy Birthday to you

Scrapbooking 2

Mum has been busy as I said before with her scrapbooking, she also made Narelle a little album all about "Dakota's 1st Birthday which was back in August this year..


Mum has been busy on the scrapbooking front, she made a chipboard album for her friend "Narelle", the album has photos of her daughter "Imogen" which were taken thru out 2008, mum gave this to Narelle yesterday and she absolutely loved it.

Kosmo & Beaver

Mum and Dad have been busy today changing the loungeroom around as well as their bedroom, after they were finished in the loungeroom, I decided I needed to have a sleep on the lounge, after I had gone to sleep Beaver decided that he was going to come up and have a sleep as well. Usually when we got to sleep on the lounge we sleep at either end of the lounge to stay apart but today something has changed and we have been sleeping together, this is very unusual so Mum just had to get the camera ( like she does) and take some updated photos of us together whilst we were sleeping..

Family BBQ

Well yesterday Beaver and I had to stay home alone, as Mum and Dad went to family BBQ at our Nan's house, I must tell you we were both very well behaved, it rained most of the time they where gone. Mum took some updated family photos. Mum got to see her Brother and his partner and her niece Tahlia, she is 12yrs old now.... It was great to see they all got together as it has been a while since they were all together like this...