14 June 2010

Look Who I Found Sleep Together This Afternoon

Yes you got it I found Kosmo and Jaws asleep together this afternoon in my lounge chair, Its unusual for me to be able to get photos of these two together, its as if they know when the camera is coming out....


well we all know the story or rhyme of "Puss In Boots",well we have our own little "Puss in Box", Beaver just loves boxes and has every since he was a wee little Kitty... As you can see by this photo, the box has been taped back together, you can imagine Kosmo and Jaws trying to get in there with Beaver can't you, well let me tell you it happens, they try getting in there all the time, so I have to constantly tape the box back together, maybe its time for a new one..

A New Toy For Me

Well Well Well,

Look what my lovely adorable Hubby brought for me the other day.

I actually took it out of the box today and had a play. What a fantastic machine.

You can do lots of different things with it... Watch out Ebay I will be looking for more catridges...especially one about Cats & Dogs

New Layout -- SUMMER

This is my latest layout, its called SUMMER, these are photos of my nephews I have taken of them over the years at the Beach during Summer. Hope you all like it.......................................