21 November 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane Part 2 -- More Photos

A Trip Down Memory Lane Part 1

Well I have just been taking a trip down memory lane regarding my nephews who are now grown up and 14yrs old and 15 yrs old. Here are some pics of them together growing up and going to school..

Weight Loss Update -- Wii Fitness

well its been a long time since a Weight Loss Update, because i have personally fallen off the bandwagon, until recently on Sunday 1st November when I started the Wii Fitness Plus, I do 20minutes of exercise on the Wii everyday, wether it be stepping, muscle stretches, and even jogging, and Yoga.
Well as of Monday 16th November I have officially lost 1.2kgs, and weigh in day looms again tomorrow as I would like to do it on a Sunday morning, so I will be back again tomorrow to let you all know how I am getting on..

Latest Layout

Hey there,

Here is my latest layout, using photos of Hubbys old motorbike, he has sold this one and is waiting on his new one he is buying, he will have it in 3 weeks time.

Kosmo Latest Photo

As you can see by my photo I am enjoying having a rest out of the sun.

Beaver Latest Photo

Jaws latest Photo

Jaws like to chill out where ever he is comfortable as you can see by this photo

Updated Photos of the Animals

Well got some updated photos of my furbabies the other afternoon and night.. I finally got one of all of them together even if its taken from above them, they were actually sleeping together.
They have all grown up so much. Kosmo is now 3yrs & 4mths old, Jaws has just turned 6mths old, and Beaver is now 21mths old.

A Prize

Someone said to me the other day, that anyone that wears their pyjamas to work, has got total GUTS, well as you all know I wore my pyjamas on Pink Ribbon Day..And for doing that my friend Emma and myself won this lovely cookbook each.

15 November 2009

Black Friday -- 13th November 2009

Well as you all know Friday was the 13th November, so the boss decided we could all wear black to work, so I did, I wore black pants and a black sleevless top, and made a couple of Black Butterfly masks for the day as well..So here are my pics look forward to your comments.