28 September 2008


Well everyone my Mum has written a story about Beaver and I taking a holiday, its quite comical, I would really like to know where my Mum comes up with these ideas from, so here it goes:

It had been a really long hot summer in Australia, particularly in Boolaroo NSW, which is located on beautiful Lake Macquarie...(Did you know it is one of the largest coastal saltwater lakes in Australia).

Beaver and Kosmo had been friends for about 10 yrs and had decided after the long hot summer that they were going to take a Holiday overseas to New Zealand. They had been planning this trip for months now, much to their Mum and Dads surprise..

January 10th 2007: It was about 4.00am when Beaver and Kosmo started out on their journey which would take them miles and miles from home, Beaver hopped on Kosmos back and away they went ( without their parents consent) from their house in Boolaroo, they headed out to the F3 Freeway and made a left hand turn at the sign that said ,"Sydney", they actually hitched a ride to Sydney with a big truck that was passing bye, the truckies named,"Brett", asked them where they were going..... We are going to New Zealand, to meet up with a friend hopefully, Brett couldn't believe what he was seeing or hearing...A dog and a cat that could talk to him.

"How do you think you're going to get to New Zealand", asked the Truckie, Kosmo and Beaver replied, "In someones luggage, we are going to sneek inside someones bag at the airport, Ok said the truckie, the airport it is then. As the truck continued down the F3 freeway towards Sydney, Kosmo and Beaver snuggled up to each other tightly and went to sleep, and next thing you know Brett says to them, " Here we are Sydney Airport".

Kosmo and Beaver thanked the truckie for the lift, and proceeded to go inside the international terminal of the airport, WOW, What a big place, lots of people and noisy machines, it didn't bother Kosmo but Beaver was really scared. Kosmo told Beaver it would be ok and not to panic or be frightened. "Ok! Beaver now what where gotta do is find someone with a huge suitcase, so be on the look out for me, you can see up there better than me", said Kosmo.
So about 2 hours went by when Beaver said to Kosmo," Stop look at that big suitcase, its unzipped, lets take a look inside, it had a few goodies in it, but there was enough room for us, Hey Beaver what does the tag say?... It says Mr Smith, Hamilton NZ, perfect said Kosmo, so they hopped in and zipped it back up, just as they were getting comfortable they could hear Mr Smith rambling on about something, next thing the suitcase moved, Mr Smith said, " My god what is in my suitcase, its heavy", I am going to be having words with my wife about this when I get back, about packing my suitcase too heavy". Kosmo and Beaver couldn't help but have a laugh and a chuckle at what Mr Smith was saying, finally Mr Smith took the suitcase to be put on the plane, Mr Smith was charged an extra $50.00 for excess baggage, Kosmo and Beaver found some food to munch on, Mr Smith had left some Woolworths Brand crackers in there, and left a can of Tooheys Draught as well, which they drank the can between them and were very tipsy, so they decided to have a sing-a-long singing their favourite song "A Pub With No Beer".

No sooner had the plane taken off they were getting off the plane in New Zealand, Well Beaver its cold here isn't it says, Kosmo, Yes it is, says Beaver. Kosmo says to Beaver," MISSION ACCOMPLISHED", here we are in New Zealand, all we have to do is find another suitcase to get back to Australia in, then hitch a ride back home to Boolaroo.
Next thing you know Kosmo & Beaver are back on a plane heading back to Australia, when they got back to Sydney Airport, they couldn't believe their eyes, luck had struck them again, the truckie they had got a lift with to the airport from Newcastle, was at the airport loading stuff off a plane to take to Newcastle, Kosmo walked up to Brett at the truck and said," Hey Dude", can my friend Beaver and myself get a lift back to Newcastle with you please.

Brett the trucker said," NO worries cobber, jump in, so thats what they did.

Within 4 hours they were back home in Boolaroo, lazing by the fireplace of their Mum & Dads house.

"Thanks for the great trip Kosmo, I couldn't have done it without you", said Beaver.

They both fell asleep within minutes, and woke up a couple of hours later, they both lived happily ever after knowing they had conquered their "greatest need in life".