02 January 2009

Birthday Gifts

Hey there,

Just wanted to show you a picture of 2 things that I got for my birthday, one is my coffee cup, and the other is the scrapbooking stuff I got as well.

Check Out These Spoit Furbabies

Look at these spoilt furbabies enjoying a quick nap together, during the hot weather we have been having.

Kosmo Photos from Manning Point

I just love these photos of Kosmo taken at Manning Point on 28th December 2008

I Forgot about these furbabies

Hey there,

Whilst visiting my mum on tuesday I was about 10 feet away from these cute furry and cuddly things...How cute are they...They were everywhere and hopping around everywhere as well..I think myself very lucky that I got this close to them.

I was thinking of asking Hubby if we could have one of these as a pet LOL LOL..

Friday 2nd January 2009

Well today I went to work with Brett, he had to take a load of sand down to ACI at Penrith, we had to leave at midnight last night, so only had a few hours sleep before we left, after unloading the sand we went out to Clarence (for anyone that doesn't know where this is -- its in the Blue Mountains, about 10klms from Lithgow on the back road) to get a load of Coal for Pacific Carbon in Newcastle, after we had done this then we went down to Lake Munmorah for a load of coal to be taken to the Port Waratah Coal Loader to be loaded on to a boat for overseas somewhere, then we went and refueled the truck and went to Salt Ash reload the truck with Sand for ACI at Penrith again then took it back to the yard where we left it for the next driver. So here are a couple of photos of the Truck I took this morning, and one of all the trucks that Bretts boss Wayne owns.

Tuesday 30th December 2008 -- "My Birthday"

Today is Tuesday 30th December and yes its my birthday, I am 36yrs old.

I got lots of lovely pressies I must say, I got some scrapbooking stuff and a Ceramic Dolphin Plate, and the best pressy so far is my coffee mug which my sister inlaw had made for me with pictures of my newphews on it, the slogan reads "My Boys""My Happiness".

So now everytime I have a cuppa I can look at them..

Also today Brett and I drove up to Glenbawn Dam which is west of Scone, its about a 2 hr drive from Newcastle, the reason for going there was to see my Mum and Stepdad, they holiday there every year for 14 days, so I don't usually get to see my Mum on my birthday but this year was different, she gave me a beautiful card, and a very very yummy chocolate cake..
I have to laugh at this photo of me taken on Boxing Day morning playing "Guitar Hero" with Sully.

Monday 29th December 2008

Well after going to Manning Point yesterday, we decided a nice slow lazy day at home was on the cards. It was after lunch when the wind picked up, and the thunder rolled in and lightning was going on, well yes it was a storm, I managed to get some photos of the sky building up to the storm.
Woo Hoo tomorrow (Tuesday 30th December 2008) is my birthday and i am getting excited.

30 December 2008

Manning Point -- Sunday 28th December 2008

For those of you that don't know where Manning Point is, its about 26klms east of Taree on the coast.
We went there for the day on Sunday and the nephews paddled their new rowboats they got for Christmas in the river, Kosmo even came along for the day as well, he did some swimming himself..Hubby did some fishing and caught a few fish..
Its a lovely place and we have been going there for many many years, it has been 20 yrs we have been going there on Boxing Day

29 December 2008

"My Darling Nephews -- Jai & Sully"

Hey There

Well since Christmas Day life has been jammed packed with lots of Swimming, going to the Beach, getting sunburnt (yes like a tomato), spending time with family.. This is just a quick update, but believe me there is an even bigger update coming within the next few days..

I have taken lots of photos to scrap....Kosmo enjoyed his very first long day trip to Manning Point near Taree with us yesterday, (more about that later on).

These two photos are of me and my nephews, the first one is me with Jai he is now 13, and the second is me with Sully he is now 14, I can't believed they are all grown up, it seems like only yesterday that they were babies.