02 January 2009

Friday 2nd January 2009

Well today I went to work with Brett, he had to take a load of sand down to ACI at Penrith, we had to leave at midnight last night, so only had a few hours sleep before we left, after unloading the sand we went out to Clarence (for anyone that doesn't know where this is -- its in the Blue Mountains, about 10klms from Lithgow on the back road) to get a load of Coal for Pacific Carbon in Newcastle, after we had done this then we went down to Lake Munmorah for a load of coal to be taken to the Port Waratah Coal Loader to be loaded on to a boat for overseas somewhere, then we went and refueled the truck and went to Salt Ash reload the truck with Sand for ACI at Penrith again then took it back to the yard where we left it for the next driver. So here are a couple of photos of the Truck I took this morning, and one of all the trucks that Bretts boss Wayne owns.

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