30 December 2009


Hi there,
Brett here, I just wanted to wish my lovely wife of 20yrs a very Happy Birthday.

I love you more everyday, and lots of love and kisses and hugges and licks

Love Brett, Kosmo, Jaws & Beaver & Tiny (in heaven)

29 December 2009

Beaver Update

Hi There,

This is Beaver, i told mum to rack off, so i could send this little post to you all, and let you know that nothing has changed for me except since Jaws came along I now have someone else to play with and chase, and claw LOL LOL... Since Mum and Dad came back from holidays i have been very affectionate...and they are loving it..

Till next time

See you all later.

Love Beaver xoxoxoxo

Lazy Animals

Well just before Christmas we had some really really hot weather, so we decided to let Kosmo and Jaws inside to enjoy the air conditioning with us, well this is how I found them the other afternoon just before we put the airconditioning on.....Lazy Bones is all I can say LOL LOL

Jaws Layouts

Well since Christmas Day I have been busy doing some layouts, these ones are the very first ones I have done with Jaws in them, these are his own layouts, the pictures used in these were some of the first ever taken of Jaws when we first got him, gotta love all the bits and pieces I used to make these layouts, I got most of the stuff for my birthday last year in 2008...

Victoria's Best Christmas Lights

Well i may be biased but it doesn't matter, while we were down in Victoria visiting family, we went to see my cousin Derek and his wife Sharon and children Jaimee and Mitchell, and they undoubtley Victoria's Best Christmas Lights display, if you are ever visiting the area during the Christmas Period make sure you take a little look at them, at Stuart Street, Cheltenham VIC.

They have everything, this year there wasn't quite as much as Derek had hurt his finget and was advised not to get on the roof, but next year they will have their normal display up again...They even got a photo and a write up about their lights on the back page of the "AGE" newspaper.

Thank you Derek, Sharon, Jaimee and Mitchell for the chance to be able to share your lovely lights display... So here are just some of the photos I took..

Time To Head Home

Well another day came to a close in our little surprise visit, and the 4th day had arrived, this was the Wednesday, and my uncle was not feeling the best, had a nasty cough, so we thought it was time to go home, as we had finished packing the car, my aunt and uncle presented Brett and I with a basket full of chocolates as a Goodies Travelling Basket (YUMMO).

We left around 8.15am stopping every 200klms to check the water in the radiator, first stop Seymour Service Centre just outside of Melbourne for Breakfast at McDonalds, boy was this place busy, everyone was leaving at the same time to go away for Christmas. Then we continued on till we got to a place called "Glenrowan" -- the home of Ned Kelly's Last stand, we stopped here to check water in Radiator, and got a nice cold drink...Then next stop Tarcutta NSW, to get diesel and some cold drinks, which is the half way point between Melbourne and Sydney as I explained in a previous post, Then next stop just up the road at Gundagai to see The Dog on the TuckerBox and take some photos...

Then next stop Yass at the Service Centre to have our meal, and boy do they make the best tucker on the Hume Highway, it was a lot busier at 3.15pm in the afternoon then it had been a few days earlier at 4.00am, people were lined up out the door waiting to pay for petrol....Then next stop Pheasant's Nest to check water again, I had driven from Tarcutta to Pheasant's Nest, and managed not to hit or kill anything LOL LOL, then off again we went next stop HOME, yes at exactly 8.30pm we drove in the driveway, so it took us 12hrs and 15mins to get home with stopping every 200klms or so...

It was sad that we had to leave my uncle and aunt but it was also a relief to be home, and to see the animals again, yes your got it and read it right we left Kosmo, Jaws and Beaver at home, our lovely neighbours Fred and Denise offered to look after them, it took alot for me to be able to leave them here but I knew they would be in great hands...Thanks Denise & Fred we love you lots...

Surprise Visit to my Uncle -- Part 4

Well today was another day, and my uncle, aunt and stepcousin had to go to a funeral, as well as my uncle and aunt had to go and help out at a sausage sizzle at Bunnings, they left fairly early in the morning, so Brett got out and mowed the lawns and whipper snipped for my uncle, but my uncle had know idea that brett was going to do all this...So when they were on their way home and just coming around the corner my aunty said to him," Look Reese someone has mown the lawn", and his answer to my Aunt was Bullshit (LOL LOL), then when they came up the driveway to the backyard, my uncle thought the edges looked all too good, and came inside and asked who did it, and we said the man next door, well he didnt buy our story, and realised it was Brett and then asked how did you get the edges looking so good without a whipper snipper, Brett said with your old one, I fixed it, and again my uncle said Bullshit, and then Brett said NO with the new one I brought you..well my uncle was so overwhelmed, and then kept saying for the rest of the day anymore surprises and we said no no more surprises...

Anyway after lunch while they went to the funeral Brett and I decided to go shopping again, we went to a place called Dirt Cheap Books its website: http://dirtcheapbooks.com.au/ boy was this a huge place, and most books were only $5.00, so i brought a few, to keep me going for a while, then we went to BWS to buy our Rum & Cola in a case for when we got home to Newcastle, so then it was time to find somewhere to have lunch, the line up into Knox City was like back 2 streets, so that wasn't an option, but at Knox on the main road we found a Noodle Box, well we sat in there and ate, the service was great, pity we don't have it like it here..we then we to the Cheesecake Shop and brought a Zebra cake for later on that night for dessert.....

Surprise Visit to my Uncle -- Part 3

Then off Rhonda and I went to Creative Ideas, which is located in Dorset Rd, Boronia VIC, and brought a few supplies (see photos above), then to Kmart, and the butchers, when we got back to my uncles house, my stepcousin Darlene was there, she had come to spend sometime with me and meet Brett, her and Brett got on like a house on fire.

After lunch Brett, Darlene and I decided to go exploring, but actually it was for another surprise for my Uncle, we actually went to Bunnings to buy my uncle a new whipper snipper, as his old one had broke, then we went shopping at Knox City, (this is a really big shopping centre) just around the corner from where my uncle lives.and I managed to buy a nice white blouse marked $30.00 for $3.50 and yes that is correct (what a bargain), also a pair of slip on shoes for $10.00 noramlly $25.00 ( another bargain)..we also went to RIOT Art & Craft Supplies and I brought some goodies from there as well ( see pics above),and we didn't get back from our journey till 4.30pm, just in time for tea..Darlene spent the night at my uncles house as they were all going to a funeral the following day...

Surprise Visit to my Uncle -- Part 2

Well after driving all that way, we finally arrived around 1.30pm on Sunday afternoon...You should have seen the look on my Uncles face, it was PRICELESS, i really thought we would have to call an ambulance...LOL LOL LOL...Anyway that night we went to Food Star- this is an all you can eat restaurant, my aunt had managed to book a table for 4 without my uncle even knowing...I think that night i went to bed at 8.30pm, we were so tired from our long journey.

The next day we went up to the Dandenongs, and did a few touristy things, like visiting the Tea Lady here is her website: http://www.tealeaves.com.au/ and if you ever get a chance you should go there, its an amazing place, we brought some Vanilla Coffee, boy oh boy is it nice...200g for $6.99 on special, and also brought my nephews a coffee mug each in the shape of a Skull, which was a hit with them on Christmas night...We also stopped at a place a little further down the mountain range and fed the wild birds, there were King Parrots, Cockatoos, Rosellas etc, and boy where they tame, they even fed out of your hand, the bag of feed was only $1.00, we also had a coffee and the best vanilla slice in the world I reckon...(see photo above of my uncle eating his--LOL LOL)...Then off we went back to my uncles place and dropped him and Brett back there and Rhonda and I went shopping and yes you guessed it we went to Boronia to Creative Ideas....and then in the evening after dinner we all went to Derek and Sharon's house to see Jaimee & Mitchell and their christmas lights, it was so good to catch up with them once again, and can't wait to see them again soon..

27 December 2009

Surprise Visit to my Uncle -- Part 1

At around 12.30am on Sunday 20th December we left Newcastle on our long journey down to Victoria, to Ferntree Gully to visit my Uncle and Aunty, we had been planning this for awhile, my aunty knew we were coming but my Uncle had no idea, so we didn't tell many people, so that the secret and surprise wouldn't get out... Our first stop was Pheasant's Nest which is 243 klms from Newcastle to stretch the legs and grab a cuppa, then on the road again we went and then next stop 198klms which was around 4.15am was at the Service Centre on the Hume Highway at Yass, and I must say they make the best Toasted Ham, Cheese & Tomato sandwiches and a cuppa and grab a drink to take on the next part of the journey...so then it was on the road again and next stop Tarcutta NSW --180klms from Yasss, ( which is the half way point between Sydney and Melbourne) very popular with the truckies.. Here we visited the ARTC Truck Drivers Memorial, got Diesel for the car, and another drink then on our merry way again, i think it was about 7.00am..

Then off we went another 350klms and we stopped at a Service Centre just outside Seymour in VIC, to get some lunch, then took off and about 1/2hr down the road the car overheated...(all that way and it looks like we have blown a head gasket in the car, but we did manage to get there about 2 hours later... So that is our journey so far now time to share some pics of our journey to Melbourne, then back with Part 2 and Part 3 and the journey home..

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Yes I know I have been a slack blogger again lately, but I will promise to make up for lost time, have lots to tell you all, lots to share about my surprise visit to my Uncle.
Merry Christmas from Brett and I and we both hope that you and your family have a great day..

06 December 2009

Jaws 7mths old - 10/12/09

Well Jaws is growing up quick, he is now 7mths old, and a little cheeky, I swear he thinks Kosmo is his Mum LOL.. he loves chasing the ball, and getting all the stuffed toys out of his little basket and spreading them all over the loungeroom floor, but he also likes to chew on anything and I mean anything...He doesnt bark much at all like Kosmo, he only barks if there is something going on that shouldn't be, like if someone strange comes to our door etc..Makes a good guard dog..He loves to sleep on his back with his legs spread,LOL LOL.

.Here are some updated photos

Jasmine Clarke Born 3.12.09 @ 7.03pm

A young lady made me very proud on Thursday when she gave birth to her daughter "Jasmine Leanne Michelle Clarke" she was born on 3.12.09 @ 7.03pm by c-section, she was 41cm long and weighed 7lb 7ounces, her mum Kara was in labour for 36 hours... I went to see mum and bub yesterday and they are both doing fine, I got to feed her and change her, and I even have some photos of her to share with you all..

The Herald Christmas Photos 1

These are the start of our decorations I was talkin about in my last post...More to come

Naughty Blogger

Hi There
Yes I have been a naughty blogger of late, and its not because I have been busy scrapbooking, its because I have been busy making Christmas Decorations for our departments christmas decoration competition, you have to be creative without lights, my team leader June came up with the idea that we spend as little as possible, so we have decided that all our decoration will be made out of THE HERALD, thats write our very own newspaper, so everything has been made out of cardboard, which we probably brought 10 sheets of, a few glitter pens from GOLO which were only $2.00 for a packet of 4 different colours, and a few of my brads to use as Reindeer eyes, as well as an old gift bag to be able to cut up into the letter of each of our names and 2 sheets of Red Cello $ 2.50 from the local newsagent and you guessed it lots and lots of newspapers...So you could probably call it recycling, and we are calling it "The Herald Christmas". So I hope you like the photos I took on Friday, we still have a bit to do so I will take more photos and put them up here....