29 December 2009

Victoria's Best Christmas Lights

Well i may be biased but it doesn't matter, while we were down in Victoria visiting family, we went to see my cousin Derek and his wife Sharon and children Jaimee and Mitchell, and they undoubtley Victoria's Best Christmas Lights display, if you are ever visiting the area during the Christmas Period make sure you take a little look at them, at Stuart Street, Cheltenham VIC.

They have everything, this year there wasn't quite as much as Derek had hurt his finget and was advised not to get on the roof, but next year they will have their normal display up again...They even got a photo and a write up about their lights on the back page of the "AGE" newspaper.

Thank you Derek, Sharon, Jaimee and Mitchell for the chance to be able to share your lovely lights display... So here are just some of the photos I took..

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