29 December 2009

Surprise Visit to my Uncle -- Part 3

Then off Rhonda and I went to Creative Ideas, which is located in Dorset Rd, Boronia VIC, and brought a few supplies (see photos above), then to Kmart, and the butchers, when we got back to my uncles house, my stepcousin Darlene was there, she had come to spend sometime with me and meet Brett, her and Brett got on like a house on fire.

After lunch Brett, Darlene and I decided to go exploring, but actually it was for another surprise for my Uncle, we actually went to Bunnings to buy my uncle a new whipper snipper, as his old one had broke, then we went shopping at Knox City, (this is a really big shopping centre) just around the corner from where my uncle lives.and I managed to buy a nice white blouse marked $30.00 for $3.50 and yes that is correct (what a bargain), also a pair of slip on shoes for $10.00 noramlly $25.00 ( another bargain)..we also went to RIOT Art & Craft Supplies and I brought some goodies from there as well ( see pics above),and we didn't get back from our journey till 4.30pm, just in time for tea..Darlene spent the night at my uncles house as they were all going to a funeral the following day...

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