09 January 2010

Weight Loss Update -- Wii Fitness

Ok, the last time I weighed was on December 30th and it told me I had put on 1.4kgs, well its now 9 days later I weighed in again and I have lost 2.9kgs, I am totally stoked by this, So I have been doing my weight fitness Plus program everyday now...Will update in about a week about this...

More Birthday Presents

I also received for my Birthday some more stuff, like papers which I still have to take a photo of, I received a set of craft drawers - 6 draw craft cart ( see picture), also I got a $50 wish card for Big W so I spent it on some craft stuff,,(see last post for pics), and I also got "Packed to The Rafters- Season 1 on DVD, and more money....I got some lovely cards 2 were handmade, I also got lots of lovely text messages and wishes on facebook.. The Girls I work with even rang me up and sung Happy Birthday to me over the phone, it was a lovely surprise, Thanks Girls, it meant a lot to me.

Christmas & Birthday Presents

I wanted to share with you all, what I got for Christmas, and yes I know I have been a bad blogger, I promise to keep you all up to date more often.

I was very very spoilt this christmas, I got lots of goodies and money... I received some lovely gifts, starting with a Gingerbread man Cookie Jar, a little silver container with lollies in it, Sea Patrol Season 2 and also Sea Patrol Season 3 on DVD, I got the Commonsense CookBook original one, I also got a Mary Higgins Clark Book, my holiday to Melbourne to see my Uncle, a beautiful glass bowl from a Secret Santa at work, as well as a lovely little necklace and some heart shaped chocolate from another Santa...With all my Christmas money I have brought scrapping products, from Papers to Stickers to Rubons to Alphabets, to Pigment Stamp Pads, to Stamps etc, I also got a heatgun so I can do embossing....I have taken a few pictures of what I got for you all to look at.... I think all in all I was very very spoilt as usual....