12 September 2009

Beautiful Card from a Beautiful Lady called JODI

Well Look at what I received during the week in the mail this week, a beautifully handmade card from a beautiful lady named "JODI", thank you so much Jodi you topped off a great week for me. I am not going to share with the blog world what you wrote in my card but they were very lovely words, and yes it is one very "Unique Friendship", and believe it will be for the rest of our lives, your spirit Jodi is very much like mine. Thanks for your lovely friendship its one I will treasure forever...

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Yes its official I am leaving o a Jet Plane with Jetstar on Monday 5th October and returning on Saturday 10th October, I am travelling to Melbourne in Victoria to spend sometime with my Uncle Reese and his lovely wife and my Aunty Rhonda, they live in a lovely place called "Fern Tree Gully". I am going alone as Brett will not fly on a plane and secondly can't get the time off work.So it will be my first holiday alone in many many years. I am going to enjoy it I intend on going to the "Kaisercraft Warehouse" if I get sometime...Will have to make sure I take lots of money..I will be sure to update when I get back with lots and lots of photos...

Betty & Les's Property

These photos are of a friends property up near Booral...It belongs to Betty & Les, Brett, Kosmo & I stayed the weekend up there a few weeks back now, what a great time we had, being in the bush it was very peaceful and looking forward to doing it again really really soon. Kosmo now has two new furbaby friends and their names are Fred & Vixen. I think Kosmo is smitten by Vixen, so it could be official that Kosmo has a girlfriend, and in the photo is Vixen and Kosmo and the homestead.

Kosmo Update

Hello everyone out there in blog world, nice to see you all. Well been pretty busy these last few months trekking around places with my Mum and Dad in the car, thought I might leave you with a few updated pictures of myself..A quick hello to Cimmi & Solo..

Kitty Cat Update

Hey everyone, Beaver the Kitty Cat here, just letting you know that I am ok, thought I would leave you with some updated pictures of me that mum took today while I was trying to sleep on the lounge with my pillow..Hello to Cimmi and Solo, Kosmo and I are always thinking of you.

Card Making 2

This is a card I made for a work colleague whos Birthday it is today.

Happy Birthday Abbey...

06 September 2009

Card Making

Well as you can see by this picture what I have sort of been up to over the weekend. I have taken my first attempt at Card Making, these cards I have made will be given to my nephews for Christmas. Tell me what you think. Not bad for my first attempt I don't think what do you reckon..

Ice Road Truckers Season 3-- Fox8 Monday nights 8.30pm

Well Season 3 of Ice Road Truckers started a few weeks ago and now I am totally hooked on this show, and have been for some time now..Well this season there is a woman trucker called "Lisa Kelly" and she is awesome and she totally rocks and I want to be just like her..I got a friend of mine to doctor some of the pics. I have had my face put in Lisa Kellys body and Bretts face put on Alex Debaborksi's body and Steves face put on Hugh Rowlands. Tell me what you think..