12 November 2011

My Mum

This is the latest pic of me with my Mummy.
She is doing so well, and is walking with her walker.

Book Review " On Thin Ice" by Ice Road Trucker "Hugh Rowland"

Book Review "On Thin Ice" by Ice Road Trucker "HUGH ROWLAND

ISBN:  978-1-4091-2074-2
Orion Books Ltd

Hugh Rowland is a star of the Hit TV Series "ICE ROAD TRUCKERS".

Breakdowns, Whiteouts and Survival with the ice road truckers.

For more than twenty years, Hugh Rowland has been the undisputed King of the Ice Roads as is now the star of the hit TV Show 'ICE ROAD TRUCKERS'
Every year when the temperature plummets to -60c, he leaves his family, home and successful business in Canada to dive 1,900 miles to the arctic circle, a region packed with natural resources. Locating the natural gas, conflict free diamonds and gold is pretty easy - but extracting and transporting them is another matter entirely.
Rowland and the other truckers must spend two months travelling hundreds of miles on a naturally formed road of ice.

But danger is something Hugh Rowland ( THE POLAR BEAR) takes in his stride, he is a man with legendary stamina, a fearless personality and a bearish attitude. 

On Thin Ice is his story of the preparation for the trek and his nine-week journey across the infamous Ice Road, along which the truckers suffer epic breakdowns and pull off breathtaking acts of heroism -- all in a days work. From the first snowstorm to the final thaw, this is a journey to the edge of endurance and back an extraordinary look at an extreme life.

Ice Road Trucking is a hell of a good way, to make a living and its great that so many people know a little more about what is going on up there in the Artic, thanks to the history channel and the produce Doloris Gavin.

This is the second book I have read about Ice Road Trucking, and to be honest this has me hooked on the TV SHOW, and can't wait to see Season 4

Handmade Christmas for the Nursing Home Jumble Sale

Hi there,
Yes i know long time no blog, I have been reading all your blogs every week, I just havent had enough time to update my own blog.
Recently I made some Handmade Christmas Cards, for the Jumble Sale they are having at the Nursing Home where Mum is at the moment, next Saturday.
Here are some pictures of those cards......I will get back to scrapbooking very very soon, I am knitting a rug for my Mum and want to finish this first before I start doing my scrapbooking. I am looking forward to scrapbooking again as I have missed it, I have still been taking pictures of everything and anything to scrap with.
Talk Soon

Love Lisa  xoxoxo